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Ninetyeighth Show Playlist – 30th December 2012 –

This show was co-hosted with Brian Purington – Guitarist with My Education

1 Xander Harris BIOS Snow Crash 5.36 Mishka Records USA 2012
2 Majeure Solar Maximum Solar Maximum 8.10 Temporary Residence USA 2012
3 Silent Land Time Machine Remembering Names I Am No Longer Alone… 6.10 Indian Queen Records USA 2012
4 The Weird Weeds Track 5 The Weird Weeds 5.09 Self Released USA 2012
5 Maserati Solar Exodus Maserati VII 6.49 Temporary Residence USA 2012
6 Cory Allen + Steinbruchel Seam 8 Seam 6.37 Quiet Design USA 2012
7 The Calm Blue Sea Tesoro Arrivals And Departures 7.07 Modern Outsider USA 2012
8 Mogwai How To Be A Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix) A Wrenched Virile Lore 6.08 Rock Action Records Scotland 2012
9 My Empty Phantom Red Giants Red Giants 4.23 Self Released USA 2012
10 Lee Dockery Fire On The Skyline Legends Of LA 5.31 Self Released USA 2012
11 My Education Black Box A Drink For All My Friends 6.26 Haute Majie USA 2012


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Fade To Yellow blog – 2012 in review

Here is the Fade To Yellow blog 2012 review. Thank you for all your support in 2012 and here is to an equally successful 2013.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Ninetyseventh Show Playlist – 25th December 2012 –

January – June 2012 Reflections Of A Year Gone By Part 1

1 Canyons Of Static Wake Farewell Shadows 7.43 Oxide Tones USA 2012
2 North Atlantic Drift North Atlantic Drift Canvas 8.10 Self Released Canada 2012
3 Time Columns Tetralemma Mana 7.52 Oxide Tones USA 2012
4 Rumour Cubes The University Is A Factory The Narrow State 7.21 Self Released England 2012
5 Labirinto Piam Ket Kadjwynh 4.51 Self Released Brazil 2012
6 Crisopa Ruled By Strange New Laws Biodance 5.51 N5MD Spain 2012
7 Apta Shadows Algorithms EP 6.08 We Are All Ghosts England 2012
8 Drops You Have My Word Believe You Me 3.34 Heat Death Records England 2012

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Ninetysixth Show Playlist – 23rd December 2012 –


1 Mogwai The Huts Les Revenants EP 3.29 Rock Action Records Scotland 2012
2 Todd Matthews Major Dee, the Marching Millipede Uh Oh, Here Come The Pig Mammoths 4.41 Self Released USA 2012
3 Good Weather For An Airstrike Another Way Out Underneath The Stars 8.36 Hibernate England 2012
4 Damn Robot! A Smile Spreads Across My face Hunang Skrimsli 4.04 Hawk Moon Records England 2011
5 Damn Robot! A Drop In The Ocean Jasurp 4.26 Hawk Moon Records England 2012
6 Umber Earth Feet Lifted – Part 1 Earth Feet, Lifted 5.50 Hawk Moon Records England 2011
7 Inachus You Look Like A Religious Man Inachus 2.43 Hawk Moon Records England 2012
8 Good Weather For An Airstrike Thinking Of You Lights 7.08 Sound In Silence England 2012
9 Arsiesys Why Do You Wake Up So Soon Until The End Of The World EP 5.24 Self Released France 2012
10 Rhone Death Of A Curse Inter Sidera LP 7.26 Self Released USA 2012
11 Mean Father Your Burning Knowing 5.48 Midium Records New Zealand 2012
12 Moji Moji El Sapo The Grass Is Always Greener 5.40 Oxide Tones Argentina 2012
13 adamned.age After The Rain After The Rain 5.22 Self Released Germany 2011


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Ninetyfifth Show Playlist – 18th December 2012 –

1 Rhian Sheehan Little Sines TBA 3.33 Self Released New Zealand 2012
2 Arafura Phlegma Humores I-IV 8.33 Self Released Netherlands 2012
3 Eyes Like Mirrors Eyes Like Mirrors Destination 5.41 Self Released South Africa 2012
4 Ruhe No Mail Today A Beautiful Weakness 2.12 Audio Gourmet USA 2012
5 Monolyth & Cobalt The North Train (Sarah Memories) Eilean 4.51 Audio Gourmet France 2012
6 Master Theory Alena And Her Quiet Thoughts Destination 4.46 Self Released Czech Republic 2012
7 Stray Ghost Aubade … and darkness came 5.31 Headphone Commute England 2012
8 Nils Frahm Sol … and darkness came 2.30 Headphone Commute Germany 2012
9 Ben Lukas Boysen 16° … and darkness came 3.37 Headphone Commute Germany 2012
10 Clint Mansell Merry Christmas (It’s The End Of The World) … and darkness came 5.00 Headphone Commute England 2012
11 Rafael Anton Irisarri Waking Expectations … and darkness came 6.55 Headphone Commute USA 2012

Record Of The Week 

Various – … and darkness came

headphone commute

I couldn’t have written a better piece than what was on the Headphone Commute Bandcamp page…….

This colossal compilation has been curated by Headphone Commute to benefit all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, which has devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States in late October 2012. 100% of all the proceeds generated from the sale of this album will be donated towards two charitable organizations: Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society. The artists on the release have been hand-picked to showcase the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical, and experimental music. The unprecedented selection features many unreleased pieces composed exclusively for the cause.

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Ninetyfourth Show Playlist – 16th December 2012 –

1 Elohymn Empty Pale Blue Dot 4.15 Self Released England 2012
2 Svarta Stugan Main Theme Svarta Stugan EP 7.26 Self Released Sweden 2012
3 Spark Marshmallow Roast The Robotic Girl Next Door 3.22 N5MD Canada 2002
4 Subtractive Lad Martyr Relief Unit Giving Up The Ghost 6.05 N5MD USA 2004
5 Bitcrush No Bridge No Water Shimmer And Fade 4.52 N5MD USA 2008
6 Another Electronic Musician Five Five 3.54 N5MD USA 2008
7 Port-Royal I Used To Be Sad Dying In Time 4.41 N5MD Italy 2009
8 Dalot Above The Rooftops Loop Over Latitudes 2.59 N5MD Greece 2010
9 To Destroy A City The Marvels Of Modern Civilisation To Destroy A City 2.39 N5MD USA 2011
10 Asonat We Were On The Other Side 4.20 N5MD Iceland 2012
11 Tidings Proteus Tidings 11.23 Self Released Scotland 2012
12 Wolfgang Merx On Land Ghost Drones 3.55 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012
13 Wolfgang Merx The Sea I Vanguard 5.08 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012
14 Wolfgang Merx Autumn In The Fields Chrome Dreams 4.07 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012


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Ninetythird Show Playlist – 11th December 2012 –

1 Airplanes Over Johannesburg 

Filling The Void Single 7.33 Self Released Canada 2012
2 Soma 

I Will Hear You Sing Anatomy 7.58 Self Released Australia 2012
3 Oscill_Ether 

Daylight Stellar 7.22 Self Released Australia 2012
4 Echotide 

Floodlights As Our Floodlights Gave Way To Dawn 11.10 Self Released Australia 2012
5 Lee Dockery Drop Legends Of LA 4.27 Self Released USA 2012
6 The Sleep Design 

Settling Kings 6.06 Self Released USA 2012
7 The Sleep Design 

The Stage Kings 4.51 Self Released USA 2012


The Sleep Design – Kings

sleep design

The Sleep Design based out of Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee have just released ‘Kings’, the follow up to the excellent 2010 debut release ‘All That Is Not Music Is Silence’. They certainly have lost none of their talent  for writing stunning post-rock songs or their appeal for writing the most incredible melodic songs, check out ‘When We Meet’ to hear what I mean. ‘Kings’ is an excellent release, 5 tracks at just under 25 minutes in length. There is a natural break in the EP with the track ‘Air’ composed mostly of soundscapes but it is just a quiet break before the last two tracks ‘Settling’ and ‘When We Meet’. The first two tracks ‘The Stage’ and ‘Kings’ aren’t quite as melodic, but they are equally as good in their own way. It really is an EP of two halves, both equal in instrumental post-rock musical enjoyment. It really is a great release  and being so late in the year it is very welcome.

I would highly recommend adding this EP to your collection.

Band Members

John – Mark Dorough – Drums
John Ball – Bass Guitar
Michael Wilson – Electric Guitar
Nathan Spicer – Electric Guitar


Formed out of a passion for the beauty of God through sound, The Sleep Design attempts to shed light on the power of a Creator captured in rhythm. A love for jamming and a desire to stray from what pop culture has done to music inspires a band striving to mold melodies worthy of dreamers.

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