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One Hundred and Ninth Show Playlist – 26th February 2013

1 Stray Ghost The Hardest Choice To Make Is The Rught One The Hardest Choice To Make Is The Rught One 12.55 Self Released England 2012
2 Play By Numbers Hollow Tracks Single 3.58 Self Released USA 2013
3 Play By Numbers Errors Bracket Tournament 3.29 Posters On Walls Records USA 2011
4 Gate Black Edition Part 3 Sekai 12.23 Fluttery Records Holland 2013
5 How Comes The Constellations Shine On Rascals Memoire 5.58 Fluttery Records Portugal 2013
6 Elara Me And You Under The Aurora Borealis Soundtrack For A Quiet place 6.18 Fluttery Records Italy 2013
7 Olekksii Iris Iris 4.06 Fluttery Records Ukraine 2013
8 Radere Widow Maker Dreamless 8.07 Full Spectrum Records USA 2013
9 Radere Summer Sun Dreamless 9.34 Full Spectrum Records USA 2013

Record Of The Week

Radere – Dreamless 



Radere, the monicker of Carl Ritger releases his latest album, Dreamless, on Full Spectrum Records. This partnership is a great fit for both parties. By my reckoning, this is the third release by Radere on this label.

Dreamless – untroubled by dreams; “a sound and dreamless sleep”.

Seems like Carl has been having an easy time of it lately with his ‘sound and dreamless sleeps’ and, if that is the case, then long may it continue. This release is just amazing, I thought he had mellowed his music especially when you hear the first track ‘Beginnings’ its a track that has looping guitar sounds and is all very intricate and beautifully executed, then ‘Widowmaker’ comes calling and that is the complete opposite of the first track. If the first track is the ‘Beauty’ then this is the ‘Beast’. Oscillating sounds, panning from left to right and back again, maximum feedback and electronic sounds being composed then decomposed a plenty. ‘I Remember You’ is a lighter drone, with a more expansive sound than the first two tracks, there may even be a hidden melody in there somewhere, but you will have to use your imagination and submerse yourself in the music. The 4th track  ‘Summer Sun’ is the longest track on the album and a very enjoyable 9:34mins it is too, it gently twists and turns its drone sound and then fades away to make way for the last track ‘Marin’ which is a fine track  and is a fitting end to another fine release by Radere.

Radere sets the bar high with his compositions and creativity and this release places him at the top of his game. Hopefully the Radere/Full Spectrum partnership continues for quite a few more releases.



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One Hundred and Eighth Show Playlist – 23rd February 2013 – My Education Rockumentary

This show is dedicated to the music of My Education, who are an Austin based instrumental band. My Education formed in 1999 and have released 8 albums throughout their career. This rockumentary traces the steps from the formation of the band right up to the present day. The podcast can be heard at the link below. I have also included the playlist from the show and a My Education Discography charting the band members album by album.

1 Concentration Waltz 5 Popes 7.30 Ballyhoo Withdrawl Records 2001
2 Green Arrow Italian 12.26 Thirty Ghosts Records 2005
3 Armistice Day Moody Dipper 3.31 Thirty Ghosts Records 2006
4 Sluts And Maniacs Bad Vibrations 6.30 Strange Attractors Audio House 2008
5 City Woman Sunrise 6.24 Strange Attractors Audio House 2010
6 Nonet Sound Mass 8.10 Differential Records 2011
7 City Woman (Remix) Sunrise Remixes 4.32 Strange Attractors Audio House 2012
8 A Drink For All My Friends A Drink For All My Friends 6.25 Haute Majie 2012
9 Black Box A Drink For All My Friends 6.26 Haute Majie 2012


Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.40.25 PM

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One Hundred and Seventh Show Playlist – 18th February 2013 –

This show’s playlist highlighted some of the acts coming to SxSW in 2013. It represented the best bands/artists of Austin and other countries that will be performing at SxSW in 2013.

1 Immanu el Panda They’ll Come, They Come 7.30 And The Sound Records Sweden 2007
2 My Education City Woman Sunrise 6.24 Strange Attractors Audio House USA 2011
3 Olafur Arnalds Haust Variations Of Static 5.28 Erased Tapes Iceland 2008
4 Twigs & Yarn Static Rowing The Language Of Flowers 4.09 Flau USA 2012
5 Jung People Orient b. Tenterhooks 3.27 Self Released Canada 2011
6 Xander Harris Manifest Contamination 3.03 Complicated Dance Steps USA 2011
7 Expo ’70 Manhattan, NY 10.25.09 (edit) Blackout 31.28 Debacle Records USA 2009
8 Equals Salvo Equals 4.21 Self Released USA 2012
9 Halaska Funkhauser Los Angeles, Texas 4.01 Self Released USA 2012

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One Hundred and Sixth Show Playlist – 12th February 2013 –

1 Pleq & Phillipe Lamy Momentum Momentum 14.01 dataObscura Poland/France 2012
2 Le Berger Martenotteries Trivial Cataclysms 9.00 Self Released Canada 2013
3 sleepmakesmaves In Limbs And Joint – Rosetta remix …and then they remixed everything 8.13 Birds Robe Australia 2013
4 eyedubs Drowsed Underwater Simulacra 4.44 Self Released USA 2013
5 Sky Flying By Helio Storm Compilations 2.48 Self Released USA 2013
6 Emmalee Crane Crowd Of Reeds Crowd Of Reeds 4.14 Self Released USA 2013
7 Lake Radio Ghost Translator Hypnagogia 4.27 Endless Fields Studios USA 2013
8 Slow Clinic Good Luck, Wor Kid EP 2.21 Self Released England 2013
9 Slow Clinic Arrival EP 4.40 Self Released England 2013
10 Stafraenn Hakon Hvarf Prammi 5.51 Sound In Silence Iceland 2013
11 J.R. Alexander Memories Moments EP 3.26 Sound In Silence England 2013
12 Radere Beginnings Dreamless 7.21 Full Spectrum Records USA 2013
13 Cass. Farmer Sea Piano 1 Loops & Farewell Sketches 5.05 Self Released Germany 2013
14 Cass. Aiiy Loops & Farewell Sketches 5.08 Self Released Germany 2013


Cass. – Loops & Farewell Sketches


Germany’s Cass. has just released his debut album and it has been funded and self released by the artists himself, that is very much a trend today in this genre of music. Artists are releasing albums on their own, some are good and some are not so good. This one is a good one, in fact its an excellent release. Cass. is the moniker of Niklas Re. So what about the music, well its very well constructed and executed. Multiple layers of sounds from keyboards and other assorted instruments, it is not intense or heavy but it is intricate and melodious. 8 tracks at just over 35 minutes total length, in some ways it feels too short. That is not a criticism rather an observation that when good music is created then it does seem to go by so much quicker.

In summary, go check this out and he did have CD’s to accompany the digital download, but when I checked thay had sadly sold out. Maybe I will get a hold of a CD from the next release.

Info from the Bandcamp site

‘Loops and Farewell Sketches‘ is the first official full length album by Cass., a 1991 born German electronic ambient musician, dj and sound artist. All songs are the result of various late night recording sessions during the last month of 2012. The sound sources vary from old, sampled, pitched, modulated and destroyed vinyl records, a large field recording directory that has been created over years, multiple effected instrument- and synthloops layered on the top of each other, and different small acoustic instruments. All these elements of the album create a meditative looping bed of sound, which is in some parts framed by his own hazy voice. Much of this album is also the sound of microphones in the room, picking up the sound of moving around, or brushing the edge of an instrument. Reading this and listening to the songs, it’s not a surprise that the cold days of the year seem to be the most fitting season for this kind of music, which combines the warmth of organic instrumentations and the stillness of nature in a distinctive way, similar to the works of Ezekiel Honig, Lusine Icl or even Ulf Lohmann.
The artwork was painted by Lea Seppä-Murto in 1979 when she was 18 years old, inspired by the beautiful landscape of her hometown Sammaljoki, Finland.

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One Hundred and Fifth Show Playlist – 10th February 2013

This is the first cloudcast of a Fade To Yellow show and is hosted by the Mixcloud website.

You can listen to the  show by clicking this link

1 Xander Harris Raven Snow Crash 5.02 Cunieform USA 2012
2 Arthur Zdrinc 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 6 seconds It’s A.D. 2016 4.55 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
3 Minot Reiki An Era Of Institutional Failure 7.26 Mylene Sheath USA 2012
4 Gimu The Urgency Of Life Opaque Black 6.12 Self Released Brazil 2012
5 Apricot Rail Basket Press Quarrels 5.09 Hidden Shoal Records Australia 2013
6 Co-Pilot Breathe Together The Course Of Empire 6.12 Self Released USA 2010
7 Sunlight Ascending Kalkaska Leaving My Waiting Room 6.33 Self Released USA 2012
8 Robert Scott Thompson Far Side Of The Sky Upon The Edge Of Night 6.52 Aucourant Records USA 2012
9 Tactics Magic Free/Labor Intensive Magic Free 7.52 Self Released USA 2013
10 Glorie Sunshine Then Nightmares Falling 4.08 Self Released USA 2013
11 Northern Epistle Drumlin Revisited EP 2 5.53 Self Released Canada 2012
12 Ormen Lange 1V100 Black 7.09 Stayposi Records USA 2013
13 Math Of Trees The Gears Below The Gears Below 5.32 Self Released USA 2012
14 Ethernet Cubed Suns Opus 2 10.10 Kranky USA 2013
15 Holm Day 28 – Appreciation Down Best Of Days 1-50 2.42 Self Released USA 2012
16 Tapage Crystal Flabs Resonating Accrection 5.28 Tympanik Records Holland 2012
17 Cory Allen Strange Birds Pearls 8.49 Quiet Design USA 2010
18 Cory Allen Movement 1 (edit) The Great Order 17.53 Quiet Design USA 2013

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One Hundred and Fourth Show Playlist – 5th February 2013 –

 An observation by Professor Ted (Host of Virtual Noise on KOOP)

1 Gosta Berlings Saga Island Glue Works 12.58 Cunieform Sweden 2011
2 Gosta Berlings Saga Sotergartan 1 Glue Works 12.51 Cunieform Sweden 2011
3 Machine And The Synergetic Nuts Solid Box Leap Second Neutral 7.08 Cunieform Japan 2005
4 Machine And The Synergetic Nuts Texas Leap Second Neutral 5.13 Cunieform Japan 2005
5 Radiohead Separator The King Of Limbs 5.20 TBD Records England 2011
6 Radiohead Supercollider Supercollider/The Butcher 7.02 Self Released England 2011
7 Russian Circles 309 Empros 8.50 Sargent House USA 2011
8 Russian Circles Miladek Empros 7.40 Sargent House USA 2011
9 Jaga Jazzist Toccata One-Armed-Bandit 6.49 Ninja Tune Norway 2010
10 Jaga Jazzist Made For Radio Living Room Hush 5.22 Ninja Tune Norway 2001


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