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Fortyfirst Show Playlist – 31st January 2012 –

1 Flicker State Magazine Alma Sessions EP 5.42 Self Released Canada 2012
2 Shy, Low Heavy Hands Shy, Low 5.09 Fluttery Records USA 2012
3 The American Dollar Bump A Memory Stream 3.17 Pirate Ship Records USA 2011
4 C Yantis Rand Box Elder, Cold Scholar 6.21 Holyoak Resounding Records USA 2011
5 Masturbation Goes Cloud Your Mind And A Pound Untitled 5.48 Somehow Ecstatic Records Greece 2011
6 What The Blood Revealed To Travel Deadly Ground Harbour Of Devils 6.24 Field Records Scotland 2012
7 Good Weather For An Airstrike Theta Waves Underneath The Stars 2.53 Hibernate Recordings England 2012
8 Brain Fruit 1.3 1.1 4.31 Debacle Records USA 2011
9 Lefolk Coriolis Autokinesis 3.23 Self Released USA 2011
10 Egsun 38 Grey Days Worth Wasting Time 4.17 Somehow Ecstatic Records Greece 2012
11 Yellow6 The Start Of Our Decline Worth Wasting Time 7.08 Somehow Ecstatic Records England 2012


Yellow6/Egsun – Worth Wasting Time


This split release on the Greek label Somehow Ecstatic record label has two tracks by Yellow6 and 5 tracks by Egsun.

The record label prides itself on releasing music they love and with special handmade  packaging  and also limit the numbers of CD’s produced. For this release it is 300.

The first two tracks of the split feature Yellow6 who has been on this label before, in fact it was on their previous release by Masturbation Goes Cloud as Yellow6 collaborated with them on the last track. But he is flying solo on these two tracks, titled Concorde and The Start Of Our Decline. The first track is classic Yellow6 while the second track brings in more instruments like keys and some percussion which I think gives the music more depth and a different feel to it. He has used other instruments  in previous work.  The track The Start Of Our Decline is as good as any Yellow6 track that I have heard.

Egsun, who is the bass player from the band Masturbation Goes Cloud contributes 5 tracks to this split. It is a really nice contrast to the music of Yellow6. The tracks mainly consist of cello or guitar over music box sounds which sound like they have been processed slightly.  Looping, minimal sounds are the main ingredient of Egsun’s sounds and it is all done so beautifully.  The mixture of stringed instruments with musical box/glockenspiel is always a great combination and Egsun doesn’t disappoint with these tracks.

Somehow Ecstatic records haven’t release that many albums, but the albums that they have released have been high quality. Long may that continue with this excellent label.



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Fortieth Show Playlist – 24th January 2012 –

1 Flies Are Spies From Hell Nerves Still Beating Nerves Still Beating 6.47 Field Records England 2012
2 From The Outside We’ve Reached The Top, Skyrocket Matching Opposites EP 2.59 Self Released Brazil 2012
3 Infinite Third (burial) (eardrops) 3.57 Self Released USA 2012
4 Alright The Captain Soundtrack Your Death 123.EP 3.45 Field Records England 2010
5 Thisquietarmy Death Of A Sailor Unconquered 5.18 TQA Records Canada 2008
6 Nils Frahm Keep Felt 3.27 Erased Tapes Records Germany 2011
7 Leonardo Rosado Unfinished Sympathy Mute Words 4.11 Heart And Soul Portugal 2011
8 I, The Current Catalyst Catalyst/Effect 4.12 The Front Agency Belgium 2011
9 Michael Oldham & Rachael Boyd Epiphany Arbor Vitae 5.31 Childrens Play Records England/N Ireland 2012
10 Canyons Of Static Drift Farewell Shadows 7.25 Oxide Tones USA 2012


Canyons Of Static – Farewell Shadows

A five track digipack, Farewell Shadows blends well-known and perfected aspects of Post Rock into a tapestry-like picture of intricacy, it proves that Canyons of Static are into their music for the sake of their music. Honest and straight-up tracks that don’t sucker punch the listener, friends of the genre as well as newcomers will find this a highly accessible release that keeps them coming back for more while keeping delicate sounds and tones for future listens.

Canyons of Static is an instrumental quintet that blends the distorted melodies of shoegaze with the intensely emotional aspects of post-rock. With no central songwriter, the music evolves from a collective process of experimentation challenging the boundaries and forms of traditional rock music. They self-released two ep’s in 2006 and their first full-length album, The Disappearance, in 2008. Canyons of Static continues to grow their audience through a dynamic live show. Performances feature homemade abstract films projected onto multiple screens creating a unique experience of sight and sound.

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Thirtyninth Show Playlist – 17th January 2012 –

1 Jet Plane Disappearance At Sea All The Static Stars 4.04 Self Released Russia 2012
2 Roll Tape A Night On The Tiles 33.333recurring 3.19 Humtracks Records England 2012
3 Andrew James Liles Hand, Foot, Mouth Bad Android 4.34 Self Released USA 2012
4 Stendeck Hold My Hand High In The Sky For The Deep Dive Scintilla 5.05 Tympanik Audio Switzerland 2011
5 Apricot Rail Rain Falls On Your Nose, It’s Red From The Cold Apricot Rail 3.19 Hidden Shoal Recordings Australia 2011
6 The Eternal Twilight & The Sound Of Rescue Under The Skylit Sky Under The Skylit Sky EP 5.08 Self Released India/USA 2012
7 Projeto Sonho Aurora Estacao 7.19 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2012
8 7oi The Outlines Of The Distant Hills Are Clearly Discernable Lost Under A Pile 4.31 Self Released Iceland 2004
9 Mooncake Nine Billion Names…(to A Clarke) Acoustic 5.58 Fluttery Records Russia 2012
10 Mooncake Novorossiysk Acoustic 5.39 Fluttery Records Russia 2012


Mooncake – Acoustic

Mooncake – the leader of Russian instrumental and post-rock music scene – releases its newest Acoustic CD & DVD on Fluttery Records.

Mooncake is a Russian post-rock band founded in Moscow early 2006. Since then Mooncake has been permanently performing at top Moscow clubs and festivals, toured Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries and shared stage with such bands as God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the sky, Caspian, Russian Circles and finally became number one of Russian instrumental and post-rock music scene.

In five years time the band have released three EPs and one full length album, which were warmly welcomed both by listeners and critics all over the world.

The newest Acoustic (CD and DVD) is a live Mooncake’s show performed on Rain TV in 2010. The video contains five tracks in pretty new acoustic arrangements. The release will be available through Fluttery Records not only in DVD format, but in CD Audio and digital as well.

Mooncake is sometimes compared to Pink Floyd or Mogwai but the band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and became quiet popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad. Catchy melodies, atmosphere, the ideal balance between rapture and grief: all this has always been Mooncake’s distinctive feature.

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Thirtyeighth Show Playlist – 10th January 2012 –

1 Nice Wings, Icarus! Mastodon Aurora 7.48 Self Released Ukraine 2011
2 Emphemetry Twinklebox Twinklebox|Old Dreams 2.37 Time Travel Opps England 2012
3 Angina Come On, Run Hope And Dreams 3.20 Self Released Indonesia 2012
4 Distorsi alam timur Pray Hope And Dreams 3.06 Self Released Indonesia 2012
5 BOW (Burial Of World) Welcome Hope And Dreams 5.04 Self Released Indonesia 2012
6 Emphemetry Old Dreams Twinklebox|Old Dreams 4.41 Time Travels Opps England 2012
7 ruido/mm Petit Pave Sinewave Essentials 6.30 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
8 Seth Chrisman/Darren Harper Forever Itself Becomes Forever Itself Becomes 6.28 Audio Gourmet USA 2011
9 The Northern Hemisphere All Around The World Jupiter Protects You 4.40 Self Released USA 2012
10 The Northern Hemisphere Darksong Jupiter Protects You 1.56 Self Released USA 2012
11 The Northern Hemisphere Sunshine On The Skyline Jupiter Protects You 4.42 Self Released USA 2012


The Northern Hemisphere – Jupiter Protects You

This is the fourth release from Terrence Drew Miller aka The Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know any of the previous three releases but going by the music on this release, I will be seeking out his other music. This album is 14 tracks long coming in at over 74minutes long. Track lengths vary from just under 2 minutes to over 11 minutes in length.

This project took about 1 year to complete, and he describes this release as an abstract year old experiment to create soundscapes and miniature soundtracks for things that would otherwise not include sound. The sound certainly is varied throughout the album starting with the downtempo, minimal 1st track Dinner At The Movies. The album meanders along with electronic tracks with nice beats and a slight sprinkling of IDM for good measure, the more ambient tracks he produces are also very nice as he throws in a slightly different effect to keep the music alive and breathing. I like the mix of sounds that he creates, mixing piano with electronic sounds and beats and ambient soundscapes. He also throws in a fair amount of different percussive sounds which keep the sound very interesting.

He lists his influences as Imogen Heap, Sigur Ros, Enya, Brian Eno, Coldplay, Air and The Album Leaf. But I think the main influence is himself with the time and effort that he put into this release.

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Thirtyseventh Show Playlist – 3rd January 2012 –

1 A Journey Down The Well How How Little Can Be The Orchestra 3.11 Fluttery Records Turkey 2010
2 Sunlight Ascending Phyllotaxis TBD 5.32 Self Released USA 2010
3 The Files And The Fires Beyond The Blue Like Ivy EP 6.20 Self Released USA 2008
4 Damiak Step Behind The Yellow Line Micalavera 3.25 N5MD USA 2010
5 Tundra Lights A Cold Shore, A Green Glow The Sky Is Ours Tonight 4.53 Self Released USA 2010
6 The Tape Disaster Realidade Aumentada Sinewave Essentials 2.54 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
7 Sobre a Maquina Anomia Sinewave Essentials 4.01 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
8 ChrisT Making A Snow Angel Blue Shift Emissions 4.39 Benbecula Records Scotland 2007
9 Inner Trip The Pulse Of Nature Somewhere Near The Pulse 5.50 Fluttery Records Iran 2011
10 Bridges Of Konigsberg Foresight The Five Colors 6.22 Endless Field Studios USA 2011
11 Bridges Of Konigsberg Seals & Sanctions The Five Colors 4.43 Endless Field Studios USA 2011


Bridges Of Konigsberg – Five Colors 

This is the first full release from Chicago based  Bridges Of Konigsberg. This is a follow up to the awesome 4 track EP, We Have Many Faces which was released in 2010. There is a rich mixture of sounds and textures throughout the album. Some great post-rock, ambient, keys…they do seem to be carving out a nice sound for themselves. It is an album of two sides in a way, the instrumental tracks and the tracks with vocals. Although the tracks with vocals often lead to more instrumental passages of music rather than being bogged down with said vocals. Its a formula that works, and it works really well.

They have offered this release as a pay what you want release on Bandcamp, as seems to be the way with a lot of releases these days. They are also offering a CD, which you can buy for $10 in a very limited edition of 100. Make that 99 now as I have my copy in the post. And as with all Endless Field Studios releases the physical copy is a first class package. I would jump on this physical release before they sell out, and I don’t think that will take long.