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Fortyninth Show Playlist – 27th March 2012 –

1 Cosmonauts Day Cave Of Trees Paths Of The Restless 7.10 Destroy The Humanity Studios Russia 2011
2 Mirroring Drowning The Call Foreign Body 6.54 Kranky Records USA 2012
3 Subnaught Orogeny Sequence3 3.55 Future Sequence USA 2012
4 Widesky The Curve That Warms Within That Aura 3.39 Future Sequence USA 2012
5 The Oo-ray Areore Sequence3 3.55 Future Sequence USA 2012
6 Dumbsaint Cinematic Something That You Feel Will Find It’s Own form 7.39 Birds Robe Records Australia 2012
7 Valerian Swing It Shines A Sailor Lost Around The Earth 7.10 Magic Bullet Records Italy 2011
8 The American Dollar As We Float Awake In The City 4.03 Self Released USA 2012
9 The American Dollar Urbana Awake In The City 2.38 Self Released USA 2012
10 The American Dollar Faces In The Haze Awake In The City 4.27 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

The American Dollar – Awake In The City

Review to follow


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Fortyeighth Show Playlist – 20th March 2012 –

1 The Fierce & The Dead 666…6 On VHS 4.43 Self Released England 2012
2 Widesky A Sleeping Saga Phase Portrait 6.00 Hibernate Records USA 2012
3 Digital Antique Taj Mahal Monkees Digital Antique 5.36 Self Released USA 2010
4 Rachael Boyd Push Through Little Bee Back In Your Box EP 4.25 Eleven Eleven Records N. Ireland 2011
5 Tripolar Un Segundo Antes Tripolar 4.47 Self Released Chile 2009
6 Konntinent Hayashi Drag Track Kiruna 5.38 Hibernate Records England 2012
7 Spaces Hadley Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void 0.39 Self Released USA 2011
8 Spaces Edge Of Forever Nothing Exists But Atoms And The Void 4.23 Self Released USA 2011
9 Without Aeroplanes Circling Tell Me Tales Of Canada 5.22 Self Released Scotland 2012
10 What The Blood Revealed Waiting For The Storm Harbour Of Devils 6.59 Field Records Scotland 2012

Record Of The Week

What The Blood Revealed – Harbour Of Devils

What The Blood Revealed are a four piece instrumental Post-rock/Post-metal band from Irvine in Scotland.

Band Members :

scott – guitar
gav – bass
alan – drums
stuart – guitar

This is their first full release, they had previously released a couple of EP’s, this debut full length is released on the Field Records label.

The album clocks in at just over 52 minutes spread across 7 tracks, with no track shorter that 6 minutes, well one is 5.59 long. It has its post-rock moments mixed with post-metal moments. All in all they have a great sound and really good musicianship. I don’t have any favorite tracks, well maybe To Travel Deadly Ground is a bit different to the rest of the tracks, so that may be my favorite by a short neck. And it was the track that I played on the show a few weeks ago. I chose the track Waiting For The Storm for this weeks show as I felt it had all of the elements of their sound to showcase the band. But to be fair I could have played any of the tracks on the album.

I think that What The Blood Revealed will go from strength to strength, and I for one will be keeping tabs on this great band. You should too.

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Fortyseventh Show Playlist – 13th March 2012 –

1 Elohymn Strong Zombie Hearing Songs Through Music 5.47 Self Released UK 2012
2 The Dwindlers Pickering’s Hyla Allegories 5.58 Heart And Soul Records USA 2012
3 sleepmakeswaves In Limbs And Joints …And So We Destroyed Everything 4.31 Birds Robe Australia 2011
4 Labirinto Silencio Postumo Etereo 3.22 Self Released Brazil 2010
5 El Ten Eleven Jumping Frenmchmen Of Maine These Promises Are Being Videotaped 5.11 Self Released USA 2008
6 Mental Architects Ash On Your Tongue Patience, Communication, Understanding 6.05 Self Released Bulgaria 2011
7 Bryter Layter Understanding Interdependance Two Lenses 4.10 Experimedia/Students Of Decay USA 2012
8 Umber Week 32 Weekly Track Release 2.33 Self Released England 2012
9 Time Columns Lights At Rendlesham Mana 11.12 Oxide Tones USA 2012
10 Time Columns Salvo Mana 7.34 Oxide Tones USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Time Columns – Mana

Time Columns consists of two members. They are from Baltimore. They make amazing sounding music.

Mana is such an incredible album, 7 tracks just over 48minutes in length. The music is described as progressive post-rock and I think that pretty much sums up their sound. There are lots of musical style and tempo changes within the music that it is hard to get bored listening to this album. There is always something going on to keep you interested, they are not afraid to experiment with the sound and I think that is what sets them apart from a lot of bands in this genre…….hmmm this genre, there are not a lot of bands in this particular genre that they seemed to have created. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, twice in fact, and they were just incredible. Their live set up is as complex as their sound.

Go check out this great album and be very glad that there are bands around like this that make such amazing music as Time Columns do.

Members :

Jordan Miller – Drums, loops, keys

Kenny Eaton – Guitar, loops, keys



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Fortysixth Show Playlist – 6th March 2012 –

1 If These Trees Could Talk Red Forest Red Forest 8.26 Science Of Silence USA 2012
2 EUS Menester Tres Mytrip/EUS Split 3.22 Abandonment Costa Rica 2012
3 Equals False Light Equals EP 3.50 Self Released USA 2011
4 My Education Sluts & Maniacs Bad Vibrations 6.30 Strange Attractors Audio House USA 2008
5 The Calm Blue Sea The Order Siegfried 6.10 Self Released USA 2010
6 Glass Gifts Autonomy And Orange Juice Native Language 4.27 Self Released USA 2011
7 From The Mouth Of The Sun My Skin Drinks Light That Has Passed Through Leaves Woven Tide 4.08 Experimedia USA 2012
8 Rumour Cubes The University Is A Factory The Narrow State 7.21 Self Released England 2012
9 Rumour Cubes At Sea The Narrow State 6.13 Self Released England 2012

Record Of The Week

Rumour Cubes – The Narrow State

Rumour Cubes of London, England release their debut full release and it is real gem of an album.

Members :

Joe Bartlett – Bass
Terry Murphy – Viola
Hannah Morgan – Violin
Omar Rahwangi  – Drums
Adam Stark – Guitar/Electronics
Simon Stark – Guitar/Electronics

The album was recorded at the Cafe Music Studios (Orbital, Brian Eno, King Creosote) in east London.

Honestly, there is not a bad track on the album. From the opening track, The University Is A Factory to the closer Tempus Figit, I must admit I have had this on replay quite a few times now. While the majority of the tracks are by no means heavy, Triptych is the exception, that seems to turn the songwriting on its head as it starts off heavy and mellows out, well somewhat mellows out.

The musicianship is just amazing and you can tell that they have really worked at writing the songs on the album, this is a step away from the normal post rock release that can so easily be influenced by other artists. You can hear the passion in their music. The way they blend the strings into the songs is done with such beauty, and sometimes the strings are well in the forefront. Dont forget the drums, bass, guitars and electronica as they all play a vital part in this bands sound.

So in summary…go check it out or you could miss one of the best releases of 2012 so far.

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