FTY : Can you tell me about the members of The Polar Dream and how did the band get it’s name?

We are just 5 guys that loves art and music. We are very different to each other, in our “Normal Life” but when we get up in a Stage or in our Rehearsal Room something magical happens!. The name came from an Hector Dream. He dreamed himself in a boat on a middle of an Arctic Lake, the dream was very realistic that he can see the difference between the dream and reality, so, we decided to take The Polar Dream as a band name.

FTY : How did the members of the band meet?

I (Oby) met Alex and Puas in school, i think we had like 11 years around that time. We fell in love with music and we make a band. Many years after that i meet Hector in a Website about Sigur Ros, we start to hang out playing music, and that was the early years of TPD. Chaka was a very good friend of mine, and a big fan of the band, so he came at every rehearsal, just to hear us, and one day we invited him to join the band.

FTY : Can you tell me about the instrumental post-rock scene in Mexico, how popular is it and what kind of following you have?

The Post-rock Scene in Mexico is growing fast in the last years, there are a lot of many new bands. Austin Tv was the first instrumental band that became popular in our country, they opened the door for us and other few bands.

FTY : For someone who didn’t know your music, how would you describe your sound?

We always said that our music is an invitation to imagination, an endless tale, so everyone can put their on tale in our Music.

FTY : You have just released your 2nd full length album. Can you tell me about this release and how did it get the name Kiev?

Kiev was a big challenge to Us, the Production and post production were very difficult, but we are very proud of our record. Chaka came with the name Kiev one day, we are inspired in russian musicians and writers and the Word KIEV likes us a lot, i think is a beautiful Word.

FTY : How do you go about the writing the music, do you start at the beginning of the song? is there one person who does the writing or is it a collective process? and then how do you then go about putting titles on the songs?

Chaka and I (Oby) wrote most of the songs, Hector is a very fine composer too, we are very compatible on each other, we just came to the room with a new song and everyone just made his part, we let music finds its on way, our music is very free in a way and we just flow with it.

FTY : The writing is all done, how is the music then recorded, do you go into a studio or do you have facilities to record at home?

For this album we take the studio to a big house of a friend of us, we produce ourselves the whole album, we use the “Wall of sound” technique, it was very popular in the sixties. Kiev is very experimental, we put on it hindu instruments and also flutes, trumpets, deskbells and a lot of music toys.

FTY : I see that you are planning on doing a tour to promote this release, where in the world are you hoping to be playing?

We will do our First  European Tour in August, it is a big challeng to us, we sell a lot of albums overseas so we are very happy!, we also will do a tour in Mexico at the end of the year and hopefully we can play in the USA, we will see!

FTY : Who or what influences you to do what you do?

Of course we decided to make music listening music, Sigur Ros and Radiohead were very important to us in our childhood, we want to do music like that, that really inspire us!.

FTY : How do you promote yourself, are you using Social media and to what extent and how successful is that media to the success of the band?

We are very close to the social media, we think it is the future and not only in music. iTunes and online shops are very helpful, we are and independent band, so we have to everything ourselves, is a really hard task but is the only way to make other people know your music, especially if you are an Instrumental Band.

FTY : If You could collaborate with any artist/band, who would it be and why?

Sigur Ros, this band blew our mind, they inspire us to make instrumental music, is like a band of other planet,

FTY : What was the last piece of music that you guys listened to?

We are very intoxicated on Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds, it is a very unique album, perfect in some ways, we listen to the album almost everyday, is like a ritual to us.

FTY : What does the future hold for The Polar Dream?

We will still doing music as far as we can, is what we love the most, so we hope we can play our music around the world.

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