FTY : Can you give me a brief history of Melorman, including how you came up with the name and when you started this solo career? 

Melorman is a project that started around 2004. Before that year I was experimenting with sounds with an old synth without even having a sequencer and I was writing all my sounds in a tape recorder. Usually these sounds were ambient drones and melodic soundscapes using one sound only.

The name came up with the words melody and man. The “r” is just a connection between those two words.

FTY : How would you describe your sound?

My sound is based usually on melodic elements, vocal samples and rhythmic parts. I’m trying to conceive the feelings of everyday life with notes on a piano and then I transport these notes in a sequencer and dress them with other sounds to create a variety of signals and mind colours.

I’m trying to update my sound within the years and because of that there are plenty of differences between the 4 albums. But there is always a connection point. For example “Far Away Morning” and “Out In A Field” I consider them more complex albums in their rhythmic parts and hidden melodies .”After Noon” and my last album “Waves” have a more clear meaning and feeling.

I really try hard to keep my own personality in the music I produce cause I m listening to a lot of music and that is not very helpful if you’re making music.

FTY : You are in Athens, Greece based artist on an American record label called Sun Sea Sky productions. Did they discover you or the other way about?

I remember after “Out In A Field” on Symbolic Interaction which was my first cd album ,two or three indie labels approached me to make the next album. One of those was Shawn Schultz from Sun Sea Sky. He was very clear with me and what he wanted to do . I like simple people with love for music and life and Shawn is surely that type of guy. We have a beautiful collaboration until now.

FTY : You have a new album, tell me about the album, maybe what some of the songs mean and particularly the writing and recording process?

The last album “Waves” is focusing basically on the sea. I’m living in a country that is surrounded by it. So clearly I’m obsessed with water and ocean in a way.

I have many memories of the sea as a child and as an adult. And I wanted to express them through my new album.

The track names have a purpose. For example we all remember how we look at things  as adults  and how we were looking at things when we were 4-5-6 years old. A remembrance of a single event 25 years ago is surely stamped like a photograph in our mind. So I tried to capture the feeling and picture of that moment (how I was looking at the sea, the people , the nature) and gave names to the tracks of how I feel now about these.

FTY : Who are your influences?

Every day life, nature , people, simple things.

Music influences were  Aphex Twin, Plaid, Bibio, BOC, Tycho, Mrs Jynx and lately Phalaeh and Helios.

FTY : If you could choose one person to collaborate with, who would it be with and why?

I really can’t say one person that I want to collaborate . I don’t have the urge to collaborate with someone in particular. I’m proud of having already collaborate with many artists and most of them are humble musicians-producers and looking forward to work with many many more.

FTY : What was the last piece of music you listened to, apart from your own?

Right now I’m listening to Twittering Machine – Breakfast by the dunes. Pretty old electronic sound.It’s a track made for dreams I think. So sincere and pure. I ws

FTY : How do you promote yourself, are you using Social media and to what extent and how successful is that media to the success of what you do.

I really began promoting myself through myspace back in the days. Now I use mostly facebook  and sending mails once in a while. It’s really very helpful for people to learn about you and your music.

Promoting yourself it’s a full time job and there is no actual time for this. So all these social media are helping you communicate direct with the listeners and fans. This is something I really enjoy doing. I‘ve met many people through facebook.

Social media are the most important way of promoting yourself these days. I can’t think of something else for an independent musician.

FTY : What does the future hold for Melorman?

I really don’t know. I always make music cause I like expressing my life though this. For now I’m thinking to focus on collaborations and start making split e.p’s and remixes. Its helpful if you want to make a pause from your personal projects. There are plenty of projects still running.


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