MOKHOV Interview – July 2014

mokhovFTY : Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Mokhov. I make electronic music. Real name Oleg Mokhov, born in Russia, raised in US, based in Las Vegas, traveling the world with a backpack studio.

FTY: Can you tell me about what your musical background is?

Self-taught. Listening to lots of music, then trying to re-create it.

FTY : How would you describe your sound?

Four Tet + Boards of Canada.

FTY : You have just recently released Future Hope, which has a very eclectic sounding mix of songs, can you tell me about it?

Uplifting, catchy, instrumental electronic grooves.

FTY : The music is very bright and lively at times, is that a reflection or anti-reflection of your personality in real life?


FTY : Can you describe the process you use in writing and recording your music. Where do the ideas from the songs come from?

Melodies and harmonic parts first, then drums and bass line, then arrangement. Play with sounds and loops until something I think is hot emerges, then run with it.

FTY : How did the deal with SunSeaSky happen, and how important is it to be connected to a label?

Shawn from Sun Sea Sky graciously contacted me.

FTY : So thinking back to the first album that you released, is it now easier to record the music, and what is the biggest thing you have learned about the music and yourself from release to release?

Easier. Trust your instinct instead of doing what’s “supposed to be” done both musically and career-wise.

FTY : If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Four Tet. Amazing and consistent producer.

FTY : How do you promote yourself, are you finding social media is a good avenue for this?

Online. I am, but fitting social media to my strengths instead of going all-in.

FTY : What advice would you give to any artist playing instrumental electronic music starting out today?

Trust your instinct when making music and building career, promote using your strengths, and diversify income streams (sales, streaming, licensing, etc).

FTY : Who or what has been your biggest musical influence?

Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Four Tet.

FTY : What music did you listen to when growing up?


FTY : Last piece of music you listened to, apart from your own?

Autechre’s album Exai.

FTY : What does the future hold for Mokhov?

Continued growth and steady releases of new music.

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