Ninetyfourth Show Playlist – 16th December 2012 –

1 Elohymn Empty Pale Blue Dot 4.15 Self Released England 2012
2 Svarta Stugan Main Theme Svarta Stugan EP 7.26 Self Released Sweden 2012
3 Spark Marshmallow Roast The Robotic Girl Next Door 3.22 N5MD Canada 2002
4 Subtractive Lad Martyr Relief Unit Giving Up The Ghost 6.05 N5MD USA 2004
5 Bitcrush No Bridge No Water Shimmer And Fade 4.52 N5MD USA 2008
6 Another Electronic Musician Five Five 3.54 N5MD USA 2008
7 Port-Royal I Used To Be Sad Dying In Time 4.41 N5MD Italy 2009
8 Dalot Above The Rooftops Loop Over Latitudes 2.59 N5MD Greece 2010
9 To Destroy A City The Marvels Of Modern Civilisation To Destroy A City 2.39 N5MD USA 2011
10 Asonat We Were On The Other Side 4.20 N5MD Iceland 2012
11 Tidings Proteus Tidings 11.23 Self Released Scotland 2012
12 Wolfgang Merx On Land Ghost Drones 3.55 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012
13 Wolfgang Merx The Sea I Vanguard 5.08 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012
14 Wolfgang Merx Autumn In The Fields Chrome Dreams 4.07 We Are All Ghosts Germany 2012


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