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Tenth Show Playlist – 28th June 2011 –

1 Herod Layne Deserters Absentia 5.05 Sinewave Records Brazil 2010
2 Oathless My Mistake My Mistake EP 4.57 Self Released England 2011
3 The Kindest Man Snow Ivory Tower 4.02 Self Released Canada 2011
4 Good Weather For An Airstrike The Beginning Of The Rest Of Our Lives (Revisited) A Summer 3.11 Sonic Reverie England 2011
5 Givenpath Adventure EP 6.04 Self Released Malaysia 2011
6 Near The Parenthesis Soft Warmly Straw Raincoat Japanese For Beginners 4.40 N5MD USA 2011
7 A Slow In Dance Story Of Life Back To The Brightside 4.31 Self Released Indonesia 2011
8 Vasudeva Back To The Feeding Ground Roots Of The Tree EP 3.54 Self Released USA 2011
9 Loscil Stave Peak Coast/Range/Arc 6.39 Glacial Movements Records Canada 2011
10 The Echelon Effect For The Shimmer Of The Highways Seasons Part 2 4.00 Self Released England 2011
11 The Echelon Effect Our Storm Seasons Part 2 5.13 Self Released England 2011


The Echelon Effect release the second part of a 4 part series. This release is Seasons 2/4.

The artist known as The Echelon Effect release’s this, the second part of a 4 part series to see the light of day in 2011 which culminates in a film to be released at the end of it all.

If you are unfamiliar with The Echelon Effect, the sound is ambient, post-rock, soundscape, atmospheric.

Please go support The Echelon Effect, this album is available from his Bandcamp site for a name your price type deal. Although anything you can contribute will assist in further production.


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Ninth Show Playlist – 21st June 2011 –

1 Gifts From Enola Melted Wings From Fathoms 5.33 Mylene Sheath USA 2009
2 aAirial Parenthese Incoercible 2.41 Self Released France 2010
3 Toman By Then It Was Summer Perhaps We Should Have Smoked The Salmon First 6.44 Graveface Records Belgium 2006
4 Another Electronic Musician Inflationary States Of Space 4.04 N5MD USA 2010
5 Hermitage Glass As In Open Spaces 6.48 Self Released Italy 2007
6 Simon Bainton Sun Settings Part 1 Sun Settings 2.34 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
7 Simon Bainton Sun Settings Part 2 Sun Settings 1.30 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
8 Apricot Rail If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them Apricot Rail 4.19 Hidden Shoal Recordings Australia 2009
9 Labirinto Chromo Anatema 11.51 Dissenso Records Brazil 2010


To celebrate Labirinto touring the USA for the first time, I thought it would be fitting for their 2010 release, Anatema, to be the Fade To Yellow record of the week.

From São Paulo city, the group was formed in 2003 by the desire and experience of friends whom aimed to work out their musical influences through the composition of instrumental music. Inspired by feature movie scores, experimental music bands & sounds and references that go beyond music itself – like arts, photography and literature -, the compositions look in to create textures and images based vibes: as in a sound track, but casting the listener to come up with the picture and scenario on his own mind.

Labirinto develops sounds, timbres and dynamics that are all equally blended, avoiding the predominance of a unique sound source. Their harmonics constructions – done by guitars, bass and drums, followed by analogic and digital synths, cello, violin, piano e other instruments – prioritize the emotions aroused by running through the whole aesthetic labyrinth.

Labirinto is acknowledged as a pioneer in developing its musical style in Brazil. Their references are based on post-rock, progressive rock, experimentalism, minimalism, classical and Brazilian popular music. After some years of career consolidation, the band is one of the most respected and renowned in the indie scene, getting good reviews from the public and the press.

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Eighth Show Playlist – 14th June 2011 –


1 Flies Are Spies From Hell Wallow In Threat Red Eyes Unravelling 5.05 Self Released England 2010
2 Neil Milton Biata Wiosna, Czarna Chmura White Spring, Black Cloud 2.55 Valentine Records Scotland 2010
3 Hazards Of Swimming Naked Reverie Our Lines Are Down 5.16 Self Released Australia 2011
4 Meniscus Pilot Abscence Of I 5.06 Self Released Australia 2007
5 The Orchid Shadowing Lull New Mexico EP 5.10 Self Released USA 2010
6 Explosions In The Sky Trembling Hands Take Care, Take Care, Take Care 3.31 Temporary Residence USA 2011
7 Yellow6 and David Newlyn Miniature 1 Miniatures 3.20 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
8 Yellow6 and David Newlyn Miniature 6 Miniatures 2.36 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
9 What The Blood Revealed They Will Show Guns, and We Will Reap Bullets EP1 6.02 Self Released Scotland 2011
10 Moonlit Sailor Colors In Stereo Colors In Stereo 3.40 Deep Elm Records
Sweden 2011
11 Moonlit Sailor Berwick Upon Tweed Colors In Stereo 4.00 Deep Elm Records Sweden 2011



 To sum it up succinctly, Colors In Stereo is huge. It’s like the thunderous boom of 1,000 armies marching in lockstep. Already receiving well-deserved critical acclaim for creating an entirely new dimension to the post-rock genre, these four Swedes have done it yet again with a truly unique album. Firmly entrenched in their quasi-pop / post-rock roots but adding space-rock elements to their already massive soundscapes, MOONLIT SAILOR has created a blueprint for the future of post-rock. Everything on Colors In Stereo is special: from the sounds you’ve never heard before, to the arpeggios that swallow you whole, to the powerful crescendos that devastate your senses. If you don’t find it difficult to listen without being overwhelmed with emotion, you’re not listening. “This album means a lot. When we wrote these songs, we knew that people were going to hear them and we didn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially ourselves. It feels like we’ve taken big steps forward as composers and we hope people hear that in the songs. Everything about who we are we put into the music of Colors in Stereo. As for the title, it reminds us of the future…very positive and joyful. You can really feel the colors float through your inner mind and leave you purified. We wanted to make an positive post rock album” says says bass guitarist Markus Rundlšf. This is the new standard. It’s that good.

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Seventh Show Playlist – 7th June 2011 –

1 The End Of The Ocean A Dividing Line Pacific Atlantic 4.12 Future Recordings USA 2010
2 sleepmakeswaves (hello) cloud mountain So We Destroyed Everything 3.21 Self Released Australia 2011
3 Killington Fall This City Is Covered In Water At The Soundless Dawn 5.57 Self Released England 2010
4 Emmalee Crane The Queens Of Carmen Formantine 3.32 Streetlight Farm USA 2010
5 Mainland Divide Moving Forward Mandated Apathy 4.21 Self Released USA 2010
6 Beware Of Safety Kaura It Is Curtains 5.19 Mylene Sheath USA 2007
7 Casino Versus Japan Maybebaby Night On Tape 4.09 Attack Nine USA 2010
8 Rumour Cubes Rain On Titan We Have Sound Houses Also 5.19 Self Released England 2010
9 Esmerine Sprouts La Lechuza 7.35 Constellation Canada 2011


Esmerine was co-founded ten years ago by percussionist Bruce Cawdron (Godpseed You! Black Emperor) and cellist Rebecca Foon (Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Mile-End Ladies’ String Auxiliary) soon after the two met while recording the first Set Fire To Flames record Signs Reign Rebuilder (2001) at the old brothel at 10 rue Ontario Est in Montreal.

Esmerine released two critically-acclaimed albums of modern chamber music, If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come Be True (2003) and Aurora(2005) that have one foot in the new music/experimental terrain of contemporaries like Rachel’s or Town And Country and the other in the more visceral and lyrical landscape populated by the likes of Dirty Three (and GY!BE themselves).

While Beckie’s activity with Thee Silver Mt. Zion increased through the middle of the decade and Bruce deepened his study and practice as an acupuncturist, the duo continued stoking the fires of Esmerine, with occasional live performances and special events in Montreal over the past few years – often including invitations to guest musicians to collaborate with the group on one show or another.

While Esmerine had made deft but sparing use of guest players on previous records, their collaborations and performances over the past two years opened the band up to two new players in particular, who were invited to join as full members: harp-player Sarah Pagé (Lhasa de Sela, The Barr Brothers) and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Barr (Lhasa de Sela, The Slip, Land of Talk, The Barr Brothers). They were all introduced through their dear friend Lhasa de Sela while Lhasa was working on her third and final record in Montreal.

With this expanded line-up, Esmerine recorded a new album,La Lechuza, in 2010.

La Lechuza was predominantly tracked by Patrick Watson at his Montreal loft, and Watson sings on three of the album’s songs. Other musical guests include Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire), Colin Stetson, Mishka Stein and Robbie Kuster. Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Unicorns) mixed the bulk of the album’s tracks.

La Lechuza is dedicated to Lhasa de Sela, who died of breast cancer on New Year’s Day 2010 at the age of 37. The album closes with a previously unreleased version of the Lhasa song “Fish On Land” that was recorded with Bruce and Beckie in 2008 during the sessions for Lhasa’s self-titled third and final album.

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