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Twentyseventh Show Playlist – 25th October 2011 –

1 Leyland Kirby No Longer Distance Than Death Eager To Tear Apart The Stars 7.53 History Always Favors The Winners England 2011
2 Sandro Perri Futureactive Kid Part 1 Impossible Spaces 3.15 Constellation Records Canada 2011
3 Enrico Conoglio The Void Snowscapes Of Tomorrow 3.54 Psychonavigation Italy 2011
4 Cul De Sac A Voice Through The Cloud Crashes To Light, Minutes To It’s Fall 9.23 Thirsty Ear USA 1999
5 Colin Stetson The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix) New History Of Warware Vol 2: Judges 5.31 Constellation Records Canada 2011
6 Barn Owl Visions In Dust Ancestral Star 4.01 Thrill Jockey USA 2010
7 Leighton Craig The Last Easy Piece 11 Easy Pieces 2.59 Room 40 Australia 2008
8 Nemeth .Via L4 Norte Film 5.58 Thrill Jockey Austria 2008
9 Peter Broderick and Machinefabriek Kites Black Grey Canvas Sky 8.35 Fang Bomb Germany/Holland 2009

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Twentysixth Show Playlist – 18th October 2011 –

1 Herod Layne Xmass Walking The Valley 4.54 Sinewave Brazil 2011
2 A Winged Victory For The Sullen We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year A Winged Victory For The Sullen 6.19 Kranky Records USA 2011
3 eaststrikewest Bless! We’re Important And We Keep The City Running, We’re Important, We’re important, We’re important… 3.37 Self Released England 2011
4 Natalia Noelia Siebula and Bartosz Dziadosz Leit Feroast Um Island 3.12 Heat Death Records Poland 2011
5 Bleaklow 1 The Sunless Country 4.07 Self Released England 2011
6 Twincities 1 Twincities 4.07 Future Recordings USA 2011
7 Open Fire Mt. Etna Pylons Open Fire Mt. Etna 4.22 Self Released Scotland 2006
8 S.O.M.A. .G Deus Ex Machina 6.51 Sinewave Brazil 2011
9 Arboretus Hymn For Eurasian Misery Movement II Soundscape De Nostalgia 4.37 Hawk Moon Records England 2011
10 Collapse Under The Empire Shoulders Shoulders and Giants 4.04 Sister Jack/Cargo Records Germany 2011
11 Collapse Under The Empire Giants Shoulders and Giants 4.46 Sister Jack/Cargo Records Germany 2011


Chris Burda and Martin Grimm, of Hamburg, are the founders of the instrumental music project Collapse Under The Empire. In a short period of time, international magazines such as Q- Magazine, Rocksound, and Clash took notice of the band and proved themselves excited about the cinematic sound of their first two albums. At the beginning of the year they were represented on the legendary Emo Diaries compilation by the US label Deep Elm, among other things. They also composed the soundtrack for the short film Sharks don’t Cry for the Sharkproject, an organization which fights at the front against the eradication of sharks.

After their psychadelic mini album The Sirens Sound, which appeared last year, and the split EP Black Moon Empire, released with the Russian band Mooncake, Collapse Under The Empire released the first part of the double album Shoulders & Giants on October 21st 2011, which in Europe will appear under the label Sister Jack/ Cargo Records. The second part, Sacrifice & Isolation, will appear one year later.

In 10 tracks, many different worlds of feelings will be experienced on Shoulders & Giants. It is a two-part concept work that thematically deals with the human existence, the dream of advancement, a life of absolute freedom, isolation, and death. The listener feels like they are on a trip through an icy, mountainous landscape without the slightest sign of human activity.

The first album, Shoulders & Giants, presents itself as somber and full of hope, pacifying and adrenalizing, fearful and caressing, unobtrusive and brute, loud and soft, silent and telling, monotonous and ever- changing.

With the two-part concept albums Shoulders & Giants and Sacrifice & Isolation, Collapse Under The Empire began their most ambitious work so far.

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Twentyfifth Show Playlist – 11th October 2011 –

1 Winterlight Suddenly Something Good Hope Dies Last 4.41 N5MD England 2011
2 Overhead, The Albatross Liam Neeson Lads With Sticks 6.02 Self Released Ireland 2011
3 Mint Free Association The Metronomical Boy 4.14 Boltfish Recordings England 2011
4 Adolf Plays The Jazz Norman Bates Just Cleaned The Room Day 4: Urban Fiction 3.40 Self Released Greece 2007
5 Echelon Effect Symmetry Mosaic 4.49 Oxide Tones England 2011
6 Echelon Effect Dalliance Of Crosstalk Mosaic 6.49 Oxide Tones England 2011
7 Claude Speeed IV A Wolf At The Door 4.16 Self Released Scotland 2011
8 Pelican Bliss In Concrete City Of Echoes 5.31 Hydra Head Records USA 2007
9 Antonymes meets Slow Dancing Society The Grey Sea And The Long Black Land We Don’t Look Back For Very long 8.10 Hidden Shoal England/USA 2011


We Don’t Look Back For Very Long sees Antonymes reworking a track from each of fellow Hidden Shoal artist Slow Dancing Society’s four albums, casting radiant new light on the stunning originals. Across almost 30 minutes, Antonymes marries SDS’s glistening atmospheres to his own trademark ambient neo-classical minimalism, creating a completely mesmerising hybrid.

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Twentyfourth Show Playlist – 4th October 2011 –


1 Vasudeva Upon The Shoulders Of Titans Roots Of The Tree EP 4.45 Self Released USA 2011
2 Neil Milton Networks Valentine 50 3.02 Valentine Records Scotland 2011
3 Desierto Cobra La Fete Folle Desierto Cobra 4.07 Self Released Chile 2011
4 Zvoov Not Necesselery Everbrown EP 5.56 Self Released USA 2011
5 Silent Land Time Machine Janus Is Asunder is The Sound Is The Truth Is The Light Around – Compilation 2.53 Dreamland Recordings USA 2011
6 The Clock The Years We Shared In China Town EP 6.59 Self Released Scotland 2011
7 Death By Zoe Resonance Valentine 50 2.46 Valentine Records England 2011
8 Cicada Fading Affection Pieces 4.42 White Wabbit Records Taiwan 2011
9 Lost To The City Sun & Sea & Stone Around – Compilation 5.00 Dreamland Recordings Australia 2011
10 To Destroy A City Before The Outsides Gone To Destroy A City 6.25 N5MD USA 2011
11 To Destroy A City Philosophy Of A Knife To Destroy A City 6.28 N5MD USA 2011


The debut self-titled album from Chicago-based trio To Destroy A City is an album ripe with slow-burning ambience, pulsating rhythms, and soaring guitars. Often building on a theme, the band weaves together pleasing melodic passages, creating compositions that are trance-inducing in their simplicity, yet layered with significance. The uninitiated may find To Destroy A City analogous to label mates Lights Out Asia and port-royal, and, due to some periodic drifting into similar spaces, the wide-screen ambient guitar duo Hammock. Such comparisons stem from the tools To Destroy A City use to convey their message; reverb drenched guitars rub against lofty synths and live drumming entangles itself into deliberate and palpitating electronic beats. This is highly emotive stuff not without its epic moments that can bring a chill to the listener. A debut this seemingly thought out is a rarity and To Destroy A City make it sound as effortless as it is beautiful.

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Fade To Yellow – 90 Minute Special – 2nd October 2011 – 91.7fm and

1 Build The Backyard Build 4.08 New Amsterdam Records USA 2008
2 Build Drivin’ Build 13.43 New Amsterdam Records USA 2008
3 Now Ensemble Waiting In The Rain For Snow Awake 8.48 New Amsterdam Records USA 2011
4 Labirinto Arcabuz Etereo 11.58 Self Released Brazil 2008
5 Esmerine There Were No Footprints In The Dust Behind Them If Only A Sweet Surrender To The Nights To Come Be True 12.28 Resonant Canada 2003
6 Years Of Rice And Salt Nothing Of Cities Nothing Of Cities 13.15 Future Recordings England 2009
7 Itsnotyouitsme We Are Malleable, Even Though They Seem To Own Us Walled Gatdens 10.57 New Amsterdam Records USA 2008
8 Mogwai Does This Always Happen Earth Divisions 4.45 Sub-Pop Scotland 2011

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