Ninetyeighth Show Playlist – 30th December 2012 –

This show was co-hosted with Brian Purington – Guitarist with My Education

1 Xander Harris BIOS Snow Crash 5.36 Mishka Records USA 2012
2 Majeure Solar Maximum Solar Maximum 8.10 Temporary Residence USA 2012
3 Silent Land Time Machine Remembering Names I Am No Longer Alone… 6.10 Indian Queen Records USA 2012
4 The Weird Weeds Track 5 The Weird Weeds 5.09 Self Released USA 2012
5 Maserati Solar Exodus Maserati VII 6.49 Temporary Residence USA 2012
6 Cory Allen + Steinbruchel Seam 8 Seam 6.37 Quiet Design USA 2012
7 The Calm Blue Sea Tesoro Arrivals And Departures 7.07 Modern Outsider USA 2012
8 Mogwai How To Be A Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix) A Wrenched Virile Lore 6.08 Rock Action Records Scotland 2012
9 My Empty Phantom Red Giants Red Giants 4.23 Self Released USA 2012
10 Lee Dockery Fire On The Skyline Legends Of LA 5.31 Self Released USA 2012
11 My Education Black Box A Drink For All My Friends 6.26 Haute Majie USA 2012


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