Ninetysecond Show Playlist – 9th December 2012 –

1 Stendeck Let Us Conversate Again Accretion 3.41 Tympanik USA 2012
2 Orange Skies Desert Rush Orange Skies 3.23 Self Released Turkey 2012
3 Xander Harris Colour Out Of Space Contamination 4.17 Complicated Dance Steps USA 2011
4 Xander Harris The House Urban Gothic 3.15 Not Not Fun Records USA 2011
5 Xander Harris Necronomiconjure I Want More Than Just Blood (High Heels Remix) 7.34 100% Silk USA 2012
6 Xander Harris BIOS Snow Crash 5.36 Mishka Records USA 2012
7 Orange Skies Somewhere Quite Near The Harmony Orange Skies 4.28 Self Released Turkey 2011
8 The OO-Ray Parade Winterborne EP 4.19 Self Released USA 2012
9 Collective Shadow Selective Memory/Temperal Tropes untitled 12.16 Self Released USA 2012
10 Neko Nine Breathe In/Some People Summer Is You 4.41 Fluttery Records Russia 2012
11 Dirk Geiger Anniversary Of Giants Accretion 5.34 Tympanik Germany 2012
12 Tineidae Damaged Datastream Accretion 5.14 Tympanik Ukraine 2012
13 Integral Empty Accretion 5.25 Tympanik Germany 2012
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