Ninetieth Show Playlist – 2nd December 2012 –

1 Mogwai How To Be A Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix) A Wrenched Virile Lore 6.50 Sub Pop Records Scotland 2012
2 Bridges Of Konigsberg No Longer There The Five Colors 4.02 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
3 Con The Master Crimson Future Endless Field Studios, Volume 2 8.08 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
4 Sioum Chambers I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend 5.12 Endless Field Studios USA 2010
5 Connectedness Locus Terminal Prolegomenon 4.58 Endless Field Studios USA 2012
6 Ed Hamilton Cortez A Winter’s Gift 5.40 Hibernate Records England 2012
7 Strom Noir Such A Beautiful Winter Day A Winter’s Gift 3.33 Hibernate Records Slovakia 2012
8 Good Weather For An Airstrike Warmer With You A Winter’s Gift 4.36 Hibernate Records England 2012
9 Caught In The wake Forever A Memorial In Passing A Winter’s Gift 3.30 Hibernate Records Scotland 2012
10 Holocene Cirrus Channel 3.11 Self Released India 2012
11 Lowercase Noises Roaring Forties Passage 5.28 Self Released USA 2012
12 Lowercase Noises Passage Passage 5.48 Self Released USA 2012
13 Steve Hauschildt Interconnected Sequitar 5.12 Kranky Records USA 2012
14 Matt Stevens Sand (Part2) Extended Mix Spencer Park Music Sampler 2012 5.29 Spencer Park Music England 2012
15 Earthmover Two First Sighting 6.55 Self Released Phillipines 2012


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