Second Show Playlist – 4th April 2011 KOOP 91.7FM

1 Solkyri This Can’t Wait No House 5.07 Self Released Australia 2011
2 Good Weather For An Airstrike Lab Jigsaws 3.41 Hawk Moon Records England 2011
3 Inachus You Look Like A Religous Man Inachus 2.43 Hawk Moon Records England 2010
4 Paragraphs Cheerupyrgonnadie You Cant Make A Ghost Without A Sheet 4.16 Self Released USA 2010
5 Aphasia The Freedom Highway The Crocodile Society Of Aphasia 5.26 White Wabbit Records Taiwan 2010
6 Absent Without Leave Dreams And Hopes Faded 4.37 Sound In Silence Greece 2010
7 Until Sunrise Sunset Until Sunrise 5.58 Oxide Tones USA 2011
8 A Slow In Dance Sing & Noise We Hate This But We Need To Survive 6.04 Self Released Indonesia 2010
9 The End Of The Ocean On The Long Road Home Pacific Atlantic 10.06 Future Recordings USA 2011
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