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Fortyfifth Show Playlist – 28th February 2012 –

1 Dawn Chorus Ignites Stop…Jump…Glide! Take Me With You 4.59 Prima Rosa England 2011
2 El Valiente Daceton Daceton 8.01 Self Released USA 2009
3 Until We last Rain Untitled 2.39 Self Released India 2011
4 Nitin Garg Wish Upon A Star Early Experiments 2.14 Self Released India 2011
5 Farfetch’d Volatile Demo 2011 6.21 Self Released India 2011
6 From The Outside If This Is Redemption, Where Is The Redeemer The Sound Of Motion 3.55 Self Released Brazil 2012
7 Samsara Omega Demo 2011 8.00 Self Released Canada 2011
8 Novachild Semra Ainikki 5.43 Self Released USA 2012
9 Novachild Come Again Ainikki 6.14 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Novachild – Ainikki

Novachild the artist was born 1998, and is the artist name of American Bruce Rich. He started out me exploring software-based synthesis and getting involved in music communities online. And Since then, he has released over 100 songs, evolved his aesthetic and punched up his studio. He is now recording other bands, producing remixes and performing visuals on multiple screens.

This latest release, is a mixture of singles from 2010-2011 and also two new songs. The song Come Again is a remix of an older Novachild song that never saw the light of day….until now. The other new song Semra was written for his wife.

There is a good mixture of sounds on this release, electronica, IDM, ambient. What I do like about Novachild is how he can change genres and keep it really interesting.

The name of the album and title track, Ainikki, is a loose, slightly distorted ambient piece named from a character from the Kalevala, Finnish folklore. She was briefly mentioned, the sister of Lemminkäinen, as a bit of an arrogant hero. She was a bit of a tattle tale.

I only got to know about Novachild a few months ago and I have been impressed with the range of sounds and musical styles that he plays on his releases.

And the good thing is, he isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, as I write this, he is working on his next release.


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Fortyfourth Show Playlist – 21st February 2012 –

1 Erode 10950 Horizon 5.22 Tympanic records Germany 2011
2 Remember Remember Scottish Widows The Quickening 5.26 Rock Action Records Scotland 2011
3 If These Trees Could Talk Barren Lands Of The Modern Dinosaur Red Forest 5.58 Science Of Silence USA 2012
4 Darren Harper A Moment Of Sun, Blanket Of Snow EP 3.11 Self Released USA 2012
5 Standby Red 5 Iron Vessels Yearning For Recovery 6.49 Self Released USA 2011
6 I Spell It Nature If Anything Matters, Then Everything Matters A Story Of… 5.20 Self Released Canada 2011
7 Northcape Deep Strata Alluvial 4.17 Elpa England 2011
8 Annapurna Gangapurna Gangapurna 6.05 Self Released N. Ireland 2011
9 North Atlantic Drift From The Static Canvas 6.16 Polar Seas Recordings Canada 2012


North Atlantic Drift – Canvas

In the summer of 2011 in Toronto, Mike Abercrombie & Brad Deschamps decided to get together. Both were seeking an electronic project of sorts, but didn’t quite know what they would create. Mike was already creating some electronic music and Brad was playing in the post rock band called Epigram.

The first track that they recorded was From The Static and that seemed to work for them so they continued creating sounds, resulting in this release. Most of the percussive sounds that are sampled on the album are from cardboard box hits, hand clasp, shakers etc then heavily processed with effects. They then spent 6 months in a basement studio working out what would eventual become the album, Canvas. They chose the band name not only because it represents where they are from, Canada, but also it seems to fit the dark, ethereal soundscapes we produce.

Canvas is 8 tracks long and is just over 51 minutes long, there is not a bad track on the album. Go check out for yourself, they have the album as a free download on Bandcamp.

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Fortythird Show Playlist – 14th February 2012 –

1 Rumour Cubes Triptych The Narrow State 6.35 Self Released England 2012
2 Mark Harris In Slow Motion She Falls An Idea Of North/Learning To Walk 5.35 N5MD England 2012
3 Mr. Maps Nice Fights Wire Empire 4.11 Lofly Records Australia 2011
4 Solkyri Young Man, You Will Die Of This Company No House 3.29 Self Released Australia 2011
5 Restream Nurockiskaraoke Loopsforstereogram 6.57 Lofly Records Australia 2006
6 Apta Little Waking Light Apta 7.28 Self Released Wales 2012
7 Listening Mirror Falling Under Resting In Aspic 6.40 Hibernate Records England 2012
8 Errors Tusk Have Some Faith In Magic 4.35 Rock Action Records Scotland 2012
9 Errors Magna Encarta Have Some Faith In Magic 6.19 Rock Action Records Scotland 2012


Errors – Have Some Faith In Magic

Glasgow, Scotland based Errors have just released their third full release on the Glasgow, Scotland based record label Rock Action Records. The latest release of course features electronics and guitars and acoustic drums. But a new addition to this release is the use of vocals. They are not out and out vocals but more an extra instrument at their disposal, it is used with good effect. I played Tusk and Magna Encarta on my show but i could have chosen from any of the tracks on the album and been happy to play them. 9 tracks in total coming in at just under 45 minutes. Errors supported Mogwai last year here in the USA and they played Austin, it must have left a lasting impression on them as one of the tracks is called Barton Spring. So if you like electronic/synth sound with guitar and drums then this is for you.


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Fortysecond Show Playlist – 7th February 2012 –

1 A Troop Of Echoes Golden Gears Days In Automation 5.43 Self Released USA 2010
2 Rachel Grimes Earthly Heaven Marion County 6.35 Mossgrove Music USA 2011
3 My Empty Phantom The Eclipse Untitled 3.59 Self Released USA 2011
4 My Empty Phantom Lights Of A Long Lost City Untitled 3.55 Self Released USA 2011
5 Rayhan Sudrajat Descent, Echoing, Wandering Fish And The Water EP 4.48 Self Released Indonesia 2012
6 Radere …So I Left I’ll Make You Quiet 5.58 Future Sequence USA 2012
7 Au Revoir I In The Key Of Night 6.22 Self Released USA 2012
8 Condre Scr Boca You Are Genius 3.51 Oxide Tones Germany 2012
9 Condre Scr Ask The Ones You Know You Are Genius 4.45 Oxide Tones Germany 2012



Condre Scr – You Are Genius

Condre Scr has been off the radar for the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they have been inactive.

With their unique blend of harrowing harmonies and delicate melodies, You Are Genius is a fitting follow-up to Jar Marsen . They remain true to themselves and their sound, the album is a winding path between hope and darkness. In a beautifully hand-made packaging, this is an album that belongs in the collection of anyone that considers music to be an artform and not an item destined for commercial consumption.


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