Fortyfifth Show Playlist – 28th February 2012 –

1 Dawn Chorus Ignites Stop…Jump…Glide! Take Me With You 4.59 Prima Rosa England 2011
2 El Valiente Daceton Daceton 8.01 Self Released USA 2009
3 Until We last Rain Untitled 2.39 Self Released India 2011
4 Nitin Garg Wish Upon A Star Early Experiments 2.14 Self Released India 2011
5 Farfetch’d Volatile Demo 2011 6.21 Self Released India 2011
6 From The Outside If This Is Redemption, Where Is The Redeemer The Sound Of Motion 3.55 Self Released Brazil 2012
7 Samsara Omega Demo 2011 8.00 Self Released Canada 2011
8 Novachild Semra Ainikki 5.43 Self Released USA 2012
9 Novachild Come Again Ainikki 6.14 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Novachild – Ainikki

Novachild the artist was born 1998, and is the artist name of American Bruce Rich. He started out me exploring software-based synthesis and getting involved in music communities online. And Since then, he has released over 100 songs, evolved his aesthetic and punched up his studio. He is now recording other bands, producing remixes and performing visuals on multiple screens.

This latest release, is a mixture of singles from 2010-2011 and also two new songs. The song Come Again is a remix of an older Novachild song that never saw the light of day….until now. The other new song Semra was written for his wife.

There is a good mixture of sounds on this release, electronica, IDM, ambient. What I do like about Novachild is how he can change genres and keep it really interesting.

The name of the album and title track, Ainikki, is a loose, slightly distorted ambient piece named from a character from the Kalevala, Finnish folklore. She was briefly mentioned, the sister of Lemminkäinen, as a bit of an arrogant hero. She was a bit of a tattle tale.

I only got to know about Novachild a few months ago and I have been impressed with the range of sounds and musical styles that he plays on his releases.

And the good thing is, he isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, as I write this, he is working on his next release.

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