Fortysecond Show Playlist – 7th February 2012 –

1 A Troop Of Echoes Golden Gears Days In Automation 5.43 Self Released USA 2010
2 Rachel Grimes Earthly Heaven Marion County 6.35 Mossgrove Music USA 2011
3 My Empty Phantom The Eclipse Untitled 3.59 Self Released USA 2011
4 My Empty Phantom Lights Of A Long Lost City Untitled 3.55 Self Released USA 2011
5 Rayhan Sudrajat Descent, Echoing, Wandering Fish And The Water EP 4.48 Self Released Indonesia 2012
6 Radere …So I Left I’ll Make You Quiet 5.58 Future Sequence USA 2012
7 Au Revoir I In The Key Of Night 6.22 Self Released USA 2012
8 Condre Scr Boca You Are Genius 3.51 Oxide Tones Germany 2012
9 Condre Scr Ask The Ones You Know You Are Genius 4.45 Oxide Tones Germany 2012



Condre Scr – You Are Genius

Condre Scr has been off the radar for the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they have been inactive.

With their unique blend of harrowing harmonies and delicate melodies, You Are Genius is a fitting follow-up to Jar Marsen . They remain true to themselves and their sound, the album is a winding path between hope and darkness. In a beautifully hand-made packaging, this is an album that belongs in the collection of anyone that considers music to be an artform and not an item destined for commercial consumption.


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