Fortieth Show Playlist – 24th January 2012 –

1 Flies Are Spies From Hell Nerves Still Beating Nerves Still Beating 6.47 Field Records England 2012
2 From The Outside We’ve Reached The Top, Skyrocket Matching Opposites EP 2.59 Self Released Brazil 2012
3 Infinite Third (burial) (eardrops) 3.57 Self Released USA 2012
4 Alright The Captain Soundtrack Your Death 123.EP 3.45 Field Records England 2010
5 Thisquietarmy Death Of A Sailor Unconquered 5.18 TQA Records Canada 2008
6 Nils Frahm Keep Felt 3.27 Erased Tapes Records Germany 2011
7 Leonardo Rosado Unfinished Sympathy Mute Words 4.11 Heart And Soul Portugal 2011
8 I, The Current Catalyst Catalyst/Effect 4.12 The Front Agency Belgium 2011
9 Michael Oldham & Rachael Boyd Epiphany Arbor Vitae 5.31 Childrens Play Records England/N Ireland 2012
10 Canyons Of Static Drift Farewell Shadows 7.25 Oxide Tones USA 2012


Canyons Of Static – Farewell Shadows

A five track digipack, Farewell Shadows blends well-known and perfected aspects of Post Rock into a tapestry-like picture of intricacy, it proves that Canyons of Static are into their music for the sake of their music. Honest and straight-up tracks that don’t sucker punch the listener, friends of the genre as well as newcomers will find this a highly accessible release that keeps them coming back for more while keeping delicate sounds and tones for future listens.

Canyons of Static is an instrumental quintet that blends the distorted melodies of shoegaze with the intensely emotional aspects of post-rock. With no central songwriter, the music evolves from a collective process of experimentation challenging the boundaries and forms of traditional rock music. They self-released two ep’s in 2006 and their first full-length album, The Disappearance, in 2008. Canyons of Static continues to grow their audience through a dynamic live show. Performances feature homemade abstract films projected onto multiple screens creating a unique experience of sight and sound.

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