Thirtyeighth Show Playlist – 10th January 2012 –

1 Nice Wings, Icarus! Mastodon Aurora 7.48 Self Released Ukraine 2011
2 Emphemetry Twinklebox Twinklebox|Old Dreams 2.37 Time Travel Opps England 2012
3 Angina Come On, Run Hope And Dreams 3.20 Self Released Indonesia 2012
4 Distorsi alam timur Pray Hope And Dreams 3.06 Self Released Indonesia 2012
5 BOW (Burial Of World) Welcome Hope And Dreams 5.04 Self Released Indonesia 2012
6 Emphemetry Old Dreams Twinklebox|Old Dreams 4.41 Time Travels Opps England 2012
7 ruido/mm Petit Pave Sinewave Essentials 6.30 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
8 Seth Chrisman/Darren Harper Forever Itself Becomes Forever Itself Becomes 6.28 Audio Gourmet USA 2011
9 The Northern Hemisphere All Around The World Jupiter Protects You 4.40 Self Released USA 2012
10 The Northern Hemisphere Darksong Jupiter Protects You 1.56 Self Released USA 2012
11 The Northern Hemisphere Sunshine On The Skyline Jupiter Protects You 4.42 Self Released USA 2012


The Northern Hemisphere – Jupiter Protects You

This is the fourth release from Terrence Drew Miller aka The Northern Hemisphere. I don’t know any of the previous three releases but going by the music on this release, I will be seeking out his other music. This album is 14 tracks long coming in at over 74minutes long. Track lengths vary from just under 2 minutes to over 11 minutes in length.

This project took about 1 year to complete, and he describes this release as an abstract year old experiment to create soundscapes and miniature soundtracks for things that would otherwise not include sound. The sound certainly is varied throughout the album starting with the downtempo, minimal 1st track Dinner At The Movies. The album meanders along with electronic tracks with nice beats and a slight sprinkling of IDM for good measure, the more ambient tracks he produces are also very nice as he throws in a slightly different effect to keep the music alive and breathing. I like the mix of sounds that he creates, mixing piano with electronic sounds and beats and ambient soundscapes. He also throws in a fair amount of different percussive sounds which keep the sound very interesting.

He lists his influences as Imogen Heap, Sigur Ros, Enya, Brian Eno, Coldplay, Air and The Album Leaf. But I think the main influence is himself with the time and effort that he put into this release.

  1. SINEWAVE na Rádio Fade To Yellow : Sinewave

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