Thirtyseventh Show Playlist – 3rd January 2012 –

1 A Journey Down The Well How How Little Can Be The Orchestra 3.11 Fluttery Records Turkey 2010
2 Sunlight Ascending Phyllotaxis TBD 5.32 Self Released USA 2010
3 The Files And The Fires Beyond The Blue Like Ivy EP 6.20 Self Released USA 2008
4 Damiak Step Behind The Yellow Line Micalavera 3.25 N5MD USA 2010
5 Tundra Lights A Cold Shore, A Green Glow The Sky Is Ours Tonight 4.53 Self Released USA 2010
6 The Tape Disaster Realidade Aumentada Sinewave Essentials 2.54 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
7 Sobre a Maquina Anomia Sinewave Essentials 4.01 Sinewave Netlabel Brazil 2011
8 ChrisT Making A Snow Angel Blue Shift Emissions 4.39 Benbecula Records Scotland 2007
9 Inner Trip The Pulse Of Nature Somewhere Near The Pulse 5.50 Fluttery Records Iran 2011
10 Bridges Of Konigsberg Foresight The Five Colors 6.22 Endless Field Studios USA 2011
11 Bridges Of Konigsberg Seals & Sanctions The Five Colors 4.43 Endless Field Studios USA 2011


Bridges Of Konigsberg – Five Colors 

This is the first full release from Chicago based  Bridges Of Konigsberg. This is a follow up to the awesome 4 track EP, We Have Many Faces which was released in 2010. There is a rich mixture of sounds and textures throughout the album. Some great post-rock, ambient, keys…they do seem to be carving out a nice sound for themselves. It is an album of two sides in a way, the instrumental tracks and the tracks with vocals. Although the tracks with vocals often lead to more instrumental passages of music rather than being bogged down with said vocals. Its a formula that works, and it works really well.

They have offered this release as a pay what you want release on Bandcamp, as seems to be the way with a lot of releases these days. They are also offering a CD, which you can buy for $10 in a very limited edition of 100. Make that 99 now as I have my copy in the post. And as with all Endless Field Studios releases the physical copy is a first class package. I would jump on this physical release before they sell out, and I don’t think that will take long.

  1. #1 by amyduncan99 on January 9, 2012 - 3:16 am

    That is a great list it has some of my favorite songs in it,and not only .Can’t wait to see the next one .Thank you

  1. SINEWAVE na Rádio Fade To Yellow : Sinewave
  2. Winter of our Contentedness « Bridges of Konigsberg News

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