Fortyfirst Show Playlist – 31st January 2012 –

1 Flicker State Magazine Alma Sessions EP 5.42 Self Released Canada 2012
2 Shy, Low Heavy Hands Shy, Low 5.09 Fluttery Records USA 2012
3 The American Dollar Bump A Memory Stream 3.17 Pirate Ship Records USA 2011
4 C Yantis Rand Box Elder, Cold Scholar 6.21 Holyoak Resounding Records USA 2011
5 Masturbation Goes Cloud Your Mind And A Pound Untitled 5.48 Somehow Ecstatic Records Greece 2011
6 What The Blood Revealed To Travel Deadly Ground Harbour Of Devils 6.24 Field Records Scotland 2012
7 Good Weather For An Airstrike Theta Waves Underneath The Stars 2.53 Hibernate Recordings England 2012
8 Brain Fruit 1.3 1.1 4.31 Debacle Records USA 2011
9 Lefolk Coriolis Autokinesis 3.23 Self Released USA 2011
10 Egsun 38 Grey Days Worth Wasting Time 4.17 Somehow Ecstatic Records Greece 2012
11 Yellow6 The Start Of Our Decline Worth Wasting Time 7.08 Somehow Ecstatic Records England 2012


Yellow6/Egsun – Worth Wasting Time


This split release on the Greek label Somehow Ecstatic record label has two tracks by Yellow6 and 5 tracks by Egsun.

The record label prides itself on releasing music they love and with special handmade  packaging  and also limit the numbers of CD’s produced. For this release it is 300.

The first two tracks of the split feature Yellow6 who has been on this label before, in fact it was on their previous release by Masturbation Goes Cloud as Yellow6 collaborated with them on the last track. But he is flying solo on these two tracks, titled Concorde and The Start Of Our Decline. The first track is classic Yellow6 while the second track brings in more instruments like keys and some percussion which I think gives the music more depth and a different feel to it. He has used other instruments  in previous work.  The track The Start Of Our Decline is as good as any Yellow6 track that I have heard.

Egsun, who is the bass player from the band Masturbation Goes Cloud contributes 5 tracks to this split. It is a really nice contrast to the music of Yellow6. The tracks mainly consist of cello or guitar over music box sounds which sound like they have been processed slightly.  Looping, minimal sounds are the main ingredient of Egsun’s sounds and it is all done so beautifully.  The mixture of stringed instruments with musical box/glockenspiel is always a great combination and Egsun doesn’t disappoint with these tracks.

Somehow Ecstatic records haven’t release that many albums, but the albums that they have released have been high quality. Long may that continue with this excellent label.


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