Eighth Show Playlist – 14th June 2011 – www.koop.org


1 Flies Are Spies From Hell Wallow In Threat Red Eyes Unravelling 5.05 Self Released England 2010
2 Neil Milton Biata Wiosna, Czarna Chmura White Spring, Black Cloud 2.55 Valentine Records Scotland 2010
3 Hazards Of Swimming Naked Reverie Our Lines Are Down 5.16 Self Released Australia 2011
4 Meniscus Pilot Abscence Of I 5.06 Self Released Australia 2007
5 The Orchid Shadowing Lull New Mexico EP 5.10 Self Released USA 2010
6 Explosions In The Sky Trembling Hands Take Care, Take Care, Take Care 3.31 Temporary Residence USA 2011
7 Yellow6 and David Newlyn Miniature 1 Miniatures 3.20 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
8 Yellow6 and David Newlyn Miniature 6 Miniatures 2.36 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
9 What The Blood Revealed They Will Show Guns, and We Will Reap Bullets EP1 6.02 Self Released Scotland 2011
10 Moonlit Sailor Colors In Stereo Colors In Stereo 3.40 Deep Elm Records
Sweden 2011
11 Moonlit Sailor Berwick Upon Tweed Colors In Stereo 4.00 Deep Elm Records Sweden 2011




 To sum it up succinctly, Colors In Stereo is huge. It’s like the thunderous boom of 1,000 armies marching in lockstep. Already receiving well-deserved critical acclaim for creating an entirely new dimension to the post-rock genre, these four Swedes have done it yet again with a truly unique album. Firmly entrenched in their quasi-pop / post-rock roots but adding space-rock elements to their already massive soundscapes, MOONLIT SAILOR has created a blueprint for the future of post-rock. Everything on Colors In Stereo is special: from the sounds you’ve never heard before, to the arpeggios that swallow you whole, to the powerful crescendos that devastate your senses. If you don’t find it difficult to listen without being overwhelmed with emotion, you’re not listening. “This album means a lot. When we wrote these songs, we knew that people were going to hear them and we didn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially ourselves. It feels like we’ve taken big steps forward as composers and we hope people hear that in the songs. Everything about who we are we put into the music of Colors in Stereo. As for the title, it reminds us of the future…very positive and joyful. You can really feel the colors float through your inner mind and leave you purified. We wanted to make an positive post rock album” says says bass guitarist Markus Rundlšf. This is the new standard. It’s that good.

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