Ninth Show Playlist – 21st June 2011 –

1 Gifts From Enola Melted Wings From Fathoms 5.33 Mylene Sheath USA 2009
2 aAirial Parenthese Incoercible 2.41 Self Released France 2010
3 Toman By Then It Was Summer Perhaps We Should Have Smoked The Salmon First 6.44 Graveface Records Belgium 2006
4 Another Electronic Musician Inflationary States Of Space 4.04 N5MD USA 2010
5 Hermitage Glass As In Open Spaces 6.48 Self Released Italy 2007
6 Simon Bainton Sun Settings Part 1 Sun Settings 2.34 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
7 Simon Bainton Sun Settings Part 2 Sun Settings 1.30 Hibernate Recordings England 2011
8 Apricot Rail If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them Apricot Rail 4.19 Hidden Shoal Recordings Australia 2009
9 Labirinto Chromo Anatema 11.51 Dissenso Records Brazil 2010


To celebrate Labirinto touring the USA for the first time, I thought it would be fitting for their 2010 release, Anatema, to be the Fade To Yellow record of the week.

From São Paulo city, the group was formed in 2003 by the desire and experience of friends whom aimed to work out their musical influences through the composition of instrumental music. Inspired by feature movie scores, experimental music bands & sounds and references that go beyond music itself – like arts, photography and literature -, the compositions look in to create textures and images based vibes: as in a sound track, but casting the listener to come up with the picture and scenario on his own mind.

Labirinto develops sounds, timbres and dynamics that are all equally blended, avoiding the predominance of a unique sound source. Their harmonics constructions – done by guitars, bass and drums, followed by analogic and digital synths, cello, violin, piano e other instruments – prioritize the emotions aroused by running through the whole aesthetic labyrinth.

Labirinto is acknowledged as a pioneer in developing its musical style in Brazil. Their references are based on post-rock, progressive rock, experimentalism, minimalism, classical and Brazilian popular music. After some years of career consolidation, the band is one of the most respected and renowned in the indie scene, getting good reviews from the public and the press.

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