One Hundred and Twenty Second Show Playlist – 8th August 2013

Welcome to the playlist for the regular Fade To Yellow cloudcast

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

The plan for these podcasts is to feature an artist or record label, and play a track from each of their releases interspersed with tracks from other artists.

The featured artist for this show is Canadian based artist Orbit Over Luna

1 Orbit Over Luna 先斗町:浮世 – Pontochō- The Floating World 京都 / 奈良 – Kyōto / Nara 5.35 Self Released Canada 2012
2 Shy, Low Presence Binary Opposition 12.08 Spartan Records USA 2013
3 The Waterfront Silent Seas Single 4.32 Self Released Iran 2013
4 Apta Swept Swept 3.01 Self Released England 2013
5 Porya Hatami Snow (Darren Harper) Land (remixes) 5.58 Inner Ocean Records Iran 2013
6 Orbit Over Luna Eyes Open, Embracing The World The Wind Alive Like A Heart Beating 3.50 Self Released Canada 2012
7 Vasudeva Stop Making Yourself Miserable Life In Cycles 5.47 Self Released USA 2013
8 Ex Confusion Desire Embrace 6.21 N5MD Japan 2013
9 North End Cognoscere Cognoscere 4.03 Self Released USA 2013
10 Yellow6 Order From Nothing Live In LA (Unreleased) 10.10 Unreleased England 2003
11 Orbit Over Luna 原爆ドーム Genbaku Dome 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima / Miyajima 4.20 Self Released Canada 2013
12 Neil Milton Clouds On The Loch The Cold Early Light 3.47 Valentine Records Scotland 2013
13 christ. Breathe Between Sleep Blue Shift Emissions 6.27 Benbecula Records Scotland 2006
14 Hotel Neon Dust & Drag Hotel Neon 8.41 Self Released USA 2013
15 Oathless & Good Weather For An Airstrike Through The Iris Sol 7.08 Hawk Moon Records England 2013
16 Mainland Divide An Introduction To Moderation An Introduction To Moderation 6.11 Mutants Of The Monster USA 2013
17 Northern Epistle Chinook Says Emmanuelle Garbo EP003 3.20 Self Released Canada 2013
18 Orbit Over Luna Ylla Transit 6.44 Self Released Canada 2013
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