One Hundred and Twenty Third Show Playlist – 26th August 2013

Welcome to the playlist for the regular Fade To Yellow cloudcast

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

1 Beyond Frequency Redemption Man Alone With Himself 4.42 Self Released Brazil 2013
2 Lucy Claire Rituals In Dust Suite 6.14 This Is It Forever Records England 2013
3 Leaving Richmond For A Moment I Forgot You Were Gone Human Minds, Robot Hearts 4.59 Self Released USA 2013
4 Ken Camden Antares Space Mirror 7.24 Kranky USA 2013
5 Ullapul ucell-I,5 ucells-I 3.03 Bifronte Records France 2013
6 Gavin Miller Instruktion 1 Instruktion 12.37 This Is It Forever Records England 2013
7 See You In The Morning The Raindrops On THe Windshield Illuminated Our Skin ICHI 6.05 Self Released USA 2013
8 Stray Theories Exposure Those Who Remain 5.45 Already Dead Tapes & Records New Zealand 2013
9 Miaou Water & Us Bring The Lights 7.20 Sound In Silence Records Japan 2013
10 Simon Bainton Haven Visiting Tides 6.54 Hibernate Recordings England 2013
11 Hessien From Beyond The Fourth Wall Calcifer 5.46 Sound In Silence Records England/Australia 2013
12 Fighting Lion Winter Garden A Convenient Place 1.33 Flaming Pines Spain 2013
13 Fighting Lion Fireworks Shine On Our Face A Convenient Place 1.42 Flaming Pines Spain 2013
14 Karl Verkade Revana (Embrace The Weak) Collection II 7.02 Self Released USA 2013
15 Rachael Boyd Pace It Too High 5.09 Abandon Building Records N. Ireland 2013
16 Aidan Baker Melody Two Synth Studies 11.36 Broken Spine Canada 2013
17 Tegh Illustration Single 9.46 Self Released Iran 2013
18 Tsone Penumbra Penumbra/Alchemist 10.17 Self Released USA 2013



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