One Hundred and Twenty First Show Playlist – 23rd July 2013

Welcome to the playlist for the regular Fade To Yellow cloudcast

You can listen to the podcast anytime here at

The plan for these podcasts is to feature an artist or record label, and play a track from each of their releases interspersed with tracks from other artists.

The featured artist for this show is USA based band I Hear Sirens

1 I Hear Sirens Everything Was Black And White Except The City Lights I Hear Sirens 6.27 Lyre Records USA 2007
2 Rezo Glonti Sun Of Tabati Late Night Diving 5.55 Flaming Pines Georgia 2013
3 My Education Texas Style Italian 7.22 Thirty Ghost Records USA 2005
4 Cosms Outlander Cosms EP 3.16 Self Released USA 2013
5 The Echelon Effect 17 Mile Drive Cabrillo 6.10 Self Released England 2013
6 I Hear Sirens The March Split EP 5.50 Self Released USA 2008
7 Diamat Žraločik Being Is The Sum Of Appearing 7.01 N5MD Greece, Italy 2013
8 Steve Gibbs & Cyrus Reynolds In Passing In Passing EP 4.01 Self Released England 2013
9 Halaska Nicotine Wolf Mayantology 5.05 Self Released USA 2013
10 Oathless & Good Weather For An Airstrike Omerta Sol 5.27 Hawk Moon Records England 2013
11 I Hear Sirens From The Clocktower Beyond The Sea, Beneath The Sky 4.59 Lyre Records USA 2009
12 Paragraphs The Dead Of Night Has Never Felt More Alive Come Nap With Us 6.01 Self Released USA 2010
13 Threethings Arc Antecedent Conditions 9.29 Rural Colours Canada 2013
14 Set & Setting Spiralling Uncertainties Equanimity 7.39 Self Released USA 2013
15 Until We Last Rain Single 2.39 Self Released India 2013
16 Arbor Lights The Mayor & The Diver Hatherton Lake 8.05 Self Released England 2013
17 Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! One Day series One Day Series 9.58 Self Released USA 2013
18 I Hear Sirens Between Consciousness & Sleep Between Consciousness & Sleep 6.44 Lyre Records USA 2013
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