One Hundred and Thirteenth Show Playlist – 16th April 2013


1 Amasa Gana Side A Untitled 14.54 Holodeck Records USA 2013
2 Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving (Quakes) Failed By Man And Machine 5.25 Birds Robe Australia 2012
3 Caught In The Wake Forever We Deal With This In Different Ways Cadder Falls 6.06 Audio Gourmet Scotland 2013
4 Northcape Potentilla Exploration And Ascent 6.30 SunSeaSky Productions England 2013
5 Mogwai This Messiah Needs Watching Les Revenants 4.37 Rock Action Records Scotland 2013
6 Bright Like The Sun Across The Floors Of Silent Seas Coda Fin 8.19 Self Released USA 2013
7 Sun Hammer Office Music (for Justin Snow) Fors 11.30 Feedback Loop USA 2013
8 New Wings Zombie Layton For President Ground Sits On Ground 5.22 Self Released Canada 2013
9 evolv Building Nothing, Laying Bricks Single 4.10 Self Released USA 2013
10 Umber Sunshine Young Sunshine Young 4.28 Oxide Tones England 2013
11 Umber Sunshine Youth (Featuring GWFAA) Sunshine Young 4.32 Oxide Tones England 2013


Record Of The Week

Umber – Sunshine Young



Alex Steward’s moniker, Umber, releases his third release  and first through the German based Oxide Tones record label. This is an album that is instantly likeable. Umbers previous releases were unmistakably Umber, he has a sound all of his own. This album is slightly different to his other 2 releases, in that this has a more ambient/drone feel to it. There are 7 songs on this release ranging between 3 and 5minutes in length. The tone of the album is set right from the very first track, ‘Sunshine Young’ has this beautiful drone drifting in and out which adds some guitar melody half way through and builds to a much bigger, lush sound before drifting away. Track 2, All The Ships, has some nice field recordings mixed with various drone/ambient soundscapes. I particularly like Track 3, Through Rocks and Fog, it has a more experimental feel to it with sounds that I suspect have been sampled by Umber and are used to great effect on this track. Track 4, The Warm Calm and also track 5, Gott Mos feature the violin of Sophie Greene, this adds a slightly different dimension to the sound and that is always a positive, at least it is with me. Track 6, Sunshine Youth, features Good Weather For An Airstrike, which I suspect is a favour returned for Alex who performed on GWFAA’s last album. The last track, Opik-Oort, is one of the shorter songs on the album and it does bring this fine album to a very fitting close.

I would highly recommend this release, and previous releases by Umber. This latest release just shows a different, and very welcome, dimension to the talents of this great artist.


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