One Hundred and Fourteenth Show Playlist – 23rd April 2013

1 Slow Clinic Hay Tanja, It Looks Like We’re Floating Single 10.20 Self Released England 2013
2 Caught In the Wake Forever Better Left Forgotten Cadder Falls 7.20 Audio Gourmet Scotland 2013
3 Sey Hollo Crowds AT The End Of the World Kombinat 11.06 Oxide Tones Sweden 2013
4 North Atlantic Drift Monuments Monuments 7.15 Sound In Silence Canada 2013
5 Xander Harris Red Sky Sprawl The New Dark Age Of Love 5.02 Not Not Fun Records USA 2013
6 Masaki Hosotani In One Color Breakfast AT The Twilight 5.07 Oxide Tones Japan 2013
7 I Am Waiting For You Last Summer Away From Here Edge Party 5.29 Self Released Russia 2013
8 Signal Hill Imaginary Friend #2 Chase The Ghost 7.24 Sun Sky Sea Productions USA 2013
9 Inuit We Don’t Go There In Winter At One Time, For A Time 6.27 Good Grief Records Scotland 2013
10 Orbit Over Luna Genbaku Dome Hiroshima/Miyajima 4.20 Self Released Canada 2013
11 Orbit Over Luna Hiroden Hope Hiroshima/Miyajima 4.53 Self Released Canada 2013

Record Of The Week

Orbit Over Luna – Hiroshima/Miyajima

orbit over luna

This is the second installment in Orbits Over Luna’s  Japan series of EP’s. The music is influenced by a trip made to Japan. The first EP, released in 2012, sets the scene for the trip. the second EP sets the scene even further. I enjoyed the first release and this second release is as equally enjoyable, and maybe even more enjoyable than the first. Orbit Over Luna played all the instruments on the first release but this one has a few guest musicians, Andrew Tasselmeyer (The Sound Of Rescue) plays bass on Track 2 and Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) provides guitar on track 5. There are 5 tracks coming in at just over 25 minutes in length. The music is a mixture of ambient/post-rock and is of the highest calibre. Not many artists can actually pull off this mixture of genres with great success. Orbit Over Luna seem to be able to strike a beautiful balance with the music, nice mix of soundscapes, guitars, rythmic percussion and a spattering of field recordings.

I am not sure if this is the last in the Japan series, but I do know that he has been to Europe recently so maybe there are more different sounds to come from this artists travels across the globe. I guess time will tell on that one.


‘orbit over luna’ is the musical persona of Shannon Penner, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer and animator in Toronto, Ontario.

Utilizing ambient guitar, unique percussion, world instruments and location recordings, he strives to create moods and atmospheres that are distinctive and original.

While Orbit Over Luna’s sound is primarily in the ambient/post-rock vein there is woven throughout threads of Asian world influences. It has been described as organic downtempo.

Intensely layered waves of sound, sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful invariably create a sense of place…like an audio postcard from somewhere not yet visited.

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