One Hundred and Twelfth Show Playlist – 9th April 2013


1 Chris Weeks The Ebb & Flow The Ebb & Flow 23.20 Self Released England 2013
2 Xander Harris Clear Expensive Skies The New Dark Age Of Love 6.59 Not Not Fun Records USA 2013
3 Orbit Over Luna Hiroshima: City Of Peace Hiroshima/Miyajima 7.05 Self Released Canada 2013
4 Leaving Richmond We Are Stars Human Minds, Robot Hearts 3.57 Self Released USA 2013
5 Twigs And Yarn Yuurei Yuurei (Single) 4.58 Flau USA 2013
6 Rhian Sheehan Nocturne 1985 Stories From Elsewhere 4.49 Self Released New Zealand 2013
7 Waking Aida Allergic Hyperdiamond/Allergic 6.03 Self Released England 2013
8 Collapse Under The Empire Ashfall The Silent City 4.38 Self Released Germany 2013
9 Pan American Glass Room At The Airport Cloud Room/Glass Room 6.03 Kranky USA 2013
10 Rachel Grimes She Was Here Compound Leaves 3.18 Self Released USA 2013
11 emmalee^crane Manitoba Crowd Of Reeds 2.53 Streetlight Farm USA 2013
12 emmalee^crane The Seventeenth Wheel Crowd Of Reeds 5.01 Streetlight Farm USA 2013


Record Of The Week

emmalee^crane – Crowd Of Reeds


When you order a physical release from emmalee^crane you recieve a sticker stating that ‘Drone Is Not Mindless’, how very true that statement is. Especially when it comes from this particular drone/ambient and at times even cinematic sounding artist. emmalee has just released her third full length release titled ‘Crowd Of Reeds’ and it could very well be her best work to date. Although I must say that the previous releases to this one, ‘Formantine’ and ‘Crux’ are also very fine releases. So the new album, released on Streetlight farm records is just under 41minutes in length spread over 10 tracks. I really enjoyed this release on its very first listen, but I have been leaning towards this genre of music for quite a while now. I think it must be the solitude and calmness of it all. Anyway, what about ‘Crowd Of Reeds’, it opens with the excellent title track which sets the tone for the album and it a bit experimental in nature, especially at the start but settles into a nice in and out rhythm. I am not going to describe all the tracks but I must say that placing the melancholic, strikingly beatiful but stark track  ‘You Coil Like Flowers’ next to the more uplifting ‘Manitoba’ is a stroke of genius as both these tracks are so contrasting. It just shows how versatile this artist really is.

So this release will be, i suspect, be on a few peoples top 10 list of 2013. It really is a great album and I would strongly advise adding this to your collection.

The album was written and performed by emmalee^crane with some help from the following musicians

Sarah Conroy: Clarinet, Cor Anglais
J. Patrick Bromham: Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium
Miles Fender: Violin, Guitar

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