Eightyninth Show Playlist – 27th November 2012 – www.koop.org

1 Damascus Equinox Salutations, Distant Satellite 7.03 Self Released USA 2011
2 Orbit Over Luna Like Branches Moved By The Same Wind Single 6.08 Self Released Canada 2012
3 Leaving Richmond Backlit Narrative The Bird And The Submarine 3.50 Self Released USA 2012
4 Leaving Richmond What Were We Waiting For? The Secret Traditions Of Washington Avenue 3.42 Self Released USA 2010
5 Anzio Green Marlborough Skies Autumn Honey 7.22 Symbolic Interaction UK 2008
6 Dergar Untitled 1 12.11.2012 12.41 Somehow Ecstatic Records Greece 2012

Record Of The Week

Dergar – 12.11.2012

Greece based Dergar has just released the latest in the one day series that the Greek record label Somehow Ecstatic Records have been releasing. It is what it says, a project to compose/write/record and mix in one day from beginning to end. And this latest release by Dergar really is a think of beauty. Just over 48minutes in length spread evenly over 4 tracks.   Electronic sounds and processing with soundscapes in the background. Pretty melodies to the forefront weave in and out of the tracks. Each track is like a variation of the previous track, and they all blend well together or they are listenable as stand alone tracks. Really minimal instrumentation but played with a warmth and a sound that surrounds you. What makes it all the more appealing is that it was written and recorded in one day. A real aural ambient treat from Dergar. I also like his previous work, and this latest release is one that he and Somehow Ecstatic records must be very proud of.

From the Somehow Ecstatic Records website

One day series is a project in which artists and bands create an album,mini-album or ep within a day. They compose/write/record/mix etc  their “one day” album from the beginning, in a set date, which date is each album’s tittle.Our purpose through this experiment is the spontaneous creativity and the randomness of first-moment inspirations.
All the one day albums are released in only 30 hand numbered copies and they are free for download through our bandcamp page. The packaging is completely DIY, made by a one page hand stamped cardboard paper, with a foam cd holder hub attached on the back.

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