Eightyeighth Show Playlist – 25th November 2012 – www.koop.org

The first hour of this show was dedicated to the music of Yellow6, an ambient, post-rock artist from England.

You can check out selected Yellow6 releases here

And you can check Yellow6 biography here

Check out Yellow6 discography here

You can hear the interview with Yellow6 here

1 Yellow6 Milestone 7” single 3.29 Enraptured records UK 1998
2 Yellow6 I Loved You More Before I Knew You Loved Me Painted Sky 5.59 Resonant records UK 2007
3 Yellow6 Threefold Disappear Here 7.57 Make Mine Music UK 2003
4 Yellow6 Mojave Catherine Whiskey 10.13 Jonathon Whiskey UK 2000
5 Yellow6 Even icanhearmusicallaroundme 4.46 Atomic Four UK 1999
6 Yellow6 Cut/Piano Cut 4.21 Editions6 UK 2010
7 Yellow6 fimmusic9 Merry6mas 2012 6.34 Editions6 UK 2012
8 The Sleep Design When We Meet Kings 6.41 Self Released USA 2012
9 Guy Gelem Upper 18 Minutes 4.50 Mini50 records Israel 2012
10 Zoe Keating Lost Into The Trees 6.11 Self Released USA 2010
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