Eightyseventh Show Playlist – 20th November 2012 – www.koop.org

1 Millimetrik Head And Shoulders Read Between The Rhymes 1.58 Self Released Canada 2012
2 ioflow and Smyth A Gift Sequence 5 2.27 Future Sequence USA 2012
3 Gurdonark Katydids Open Spaces 3.34 We Are All Ghosts USA 2012
4 Florian Von Amein Disjunct Displaced Reprise Sequence 5 3.06 Future Sequence Germany 2012
5 Glacis Autumn/Winter Tohu Va Vohu 6.50 Mini50 Records Scotland 2012
6 Sansyou Laurentian Latitudes Sonic Circuits 2012 4.04 Sonic Circuits USA 2012
7 Dawn Of Man IV Superluminal In Constellations 16.26 Self Released USA 2012

 Record Of The Week 

Dawn Of Man – In Constellations

Wisconsin based Dawn Of Man have just released their debut full length album titled In Constellations. Two years in the making, and oh how it shows. Just over an hour in length over 10 tracks, ranging in length from 40 seconds to over 16 minutes. This is a band who have many aspects and genres within their music. There is a 4 part song on the album called ‘Black Hole’ and really this is the centerpiece of the album, particularly part IV called ‘Superluminal’ which is just such an amazingly put together track on so many levels. This is the longest track on the album and it has everything, post, psych, space and prog rock in abundance from the electronic soundscapes and guitars to the syncopation throughout the track. They have some organ on this track as well, which you don’t hear a lot of in post-rock. It ebbs and flows and goes off on various musical directions that are all very coherent and seem to make sense. But don’t dismiss the other tracks on this album, it just seems that they started off playing more straightforward post-rock but evolved during the writing and recording of this album to have that second or third dimension musically, which can separate an OK sounding band into a band that has something more sonically interesting to say. I believe that they are going in this longform direction and I would encourage them to do so. They will pick up fans from across genres with their varied and well executed musical styles. I am also giving a nod to the shortest track on the album, it just drives for that whole 40seconds.

Great debut album from a band who are promising even greater things in the future. Hopefully it won’t be too long till the next album is released.

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