Eightysecond Show Playlist – 4th November 2012 – The Mylene Sheath Showcase – www.koop.org

The Mylene Sheath are an independent record label based in Athens, GA, owned and run by, Joel Proper and Lindsay Palmer. With vital help from their teammates and the bands on the label, they have been able to dedicate theirselves to exposing as many people as possible to the artists that they share their admiration in and their respect for. The main goal is to do this without compromising any of theirs, the bands, or your ethics and integrity.

You can find all the details of the bands that I played on my show by clicking each band name.

1 If These Trees Could Talk Signal Tree If These Trees Could Talk 5.24 The Mylene Sheath USA 2007
2 Caspian Some Are White Light The Four Trees 5.26 The Mylene Sheath USA 2007
3 Beware Of Safety The Supposed Common Dogs 8.02 The Mylene Sheath USA 2008
4 Giants With Chatokay At The Helm Giants/Beware Of Safety Split 5.21 The Mylene Sheath USA 2011
5 Junius Elisheva, I Love You The Martrydom Of A Catastrophist 3.52 The Mylene Sheath USA 2009
6 Lavinia Destroy Yourself There Is Light Between Us 4.44 The Mylene Sheath USA 2010
7 Gifts From Enola Jade A Healthy Fear 5.29 The Mylene Sheath USA 2012
8 Gifts From Enola Long Weekend A Healthy Fear 7.00 The Mylene Sheath USA 2012
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