Eightythird Show Playlist – 6th November 2012 – www.koop.org

1 Evolv Alluring Collection 3.58 Indelible Niche Collective USA 2012
2 R. Lee Dockery Fire On The Skyline Legends Of LA 5.31 Self Released USA 2012
3 Larry Kucharz Binary Funeral IA42 Unit IA42 7.24 International Audiochrome USA 2011
4 Sun Hammer Nighttime In Jefferson National Forest A Dream In Blood 7.37 Future Sequence USA 2012
5 Christ Zeroth Law Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack 5.21 Parallax Sounds Recordings Scotland 2012
6 Radere Good Evening, Ghosts I’ll Make You Quiet 9.01 Future Sequence USA 2012
7 Theta Naught Golden Ratio Abacus 5.50 Differential Records USA 2004
8 Widesky An Invitation To Remain A Healthy Fear 7.26 Future Sequence USA 2012
9 Ana Never Future Wife Small Years 26.34 Fluttery Records Serbia 2012
10 Ana Never Half Way Small Years 4.46 Fluttery Records Serbia 2012
11 Ana Never To Live For Small Years 28.01 Fluttery Records Serbia 2012

Record Of The Week 

Ana Never – Small Years

Fluttery Records seem to have a knack of signing artists who release great albums. This latest album release by Serbian based Ana Never is more than great. This is epic post-rock, 4 tracks on this album, titled ‘Small Years’ spans over 75 minutes. The shortest track, Half Way is nearly 5 minutes long while the longest track, To Live For, is just slightly over 28 minutes long. The opening track Future Wife has a slow entrance, and equally slow exit, at just over 26 minutes in length, there is no real hurry to go anywhere. the song builds, almost drone like, then transforms into this long form post-rock sound that is patiently building and building before ebbing away. The last song, ‘To Live For’, moves along at a slightly different pace to the other three tracks on this release. Ana Never do have a history of long form songs and it works perfectly, it certainly never feels that long when you are listening to it. So, Fluttery Records triumph again with this release and their seemingly endless stream of signed artists from all over the globe who produce music of the highest calibre.

Band Members

Srđan Terzin – guitar, bass, keys
Dejan Topić – guitar
Goran Grubišić – drums, guitar
Davor Bašić Palković – bass
Boris Čegar – keys

Press Release from Fluttery Records

Ana Never Has Crafted A Masterpiece : Small Years

Ana Never creates one of the most essential post-rock albums of the year. We will never forget the

moment we have received the recording and start listening to it. When we heard the whole album,

we knew how lucky we were. “We have listened to one of the greatest post-rock album of all the


Ana Never is a band from Subotica (Serbia) exists since spring 2002. Shaped in a spirit of

friendship and sensibility, it emerged out of exploration and experience of music and life of its three

members, Srdjan Terzin (guitar), Dejan Topic (guitar) and Goran Grubisic (drums), who were

friends since they were children.

Existing more than ten years, a few other musicians got through this band, in the latest constellation

band have five members. Consisting of: Srđan Terzin (guitar, bass, keys), Dejan Topić (guitar),

Goran Grubišić (drums, guitar) Davor Bašić Palković (bass, guitar), Boris Čegar (keys). Former

members were Ivan Čkonjević on the guitar, bass (2004 – 2010) Ivana Primorac on the base guitar

(2003 – 2006).

Through the decade Ana Never emerged as one of the most respectful bands of post-rock related

music in the Balkan region. The band have played all around the south east and central Europe,

shared stage with Jeniferever, Kayo Dot, Heirs and many many others. They have been hosting and

promoting Nadja, Dorena, Khuda, Sun Glitters, Port-royal, Shaking Sensations and dozens of other

bands and artists for their live shows in Serbia. They are in our family since 2010, their self-titled

debut album was a superb.

On their new album “Small Years”, Ana Never creates exciting and sensual atmosphere and waves

of sounds in a lonely planet. We are landing this planet with 26 minutes and 34 seconds long track

“Future Wife” where droning guitars slowly runs to climax. The special guest, Tijana Stankovic on

violins has made a great contribution to the album and the violin lines of “Future Wife” make the

song wear wings accordingly to to quietly plucked guitar notes and drum rolls. We continue

traveling with “Half Way” which is the shortest track of the record. We find a coherent dark story

here driven by piano / broken hearted guitars. The third track; “Gorgeous One” brings us to the most

peaceful areas on this planet, there are lots of things picture here in the 16:14 run time. The last

track To Live For is the longest track of the album which brings an energetic and dark conclusion to

the album. It’s not safe enough to listen while driving because the violent tornado may take you in,

you should hide behind your inner shadows before it unfolds gently.

In short, we believe Ana Never has crafted a masterpiece in their four track, 75 mintues 34 seconds

long album. Let’s make reference to Joy Division here: They share a dream, no post-rock fan can

step outside.

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