Eightyfirst Show Playlist – 30th October 2012 – www.koop.org

1 North End Revisited North End 5.46 Self Released USA 2010
2 Earth Science 19 to 25 Days In Arcadia 5.57 Oxide Tones USA 2012
3 Ambarchi/Fox Standing Mandala Connected 9.03 Kranky Australia 2012
4 The Sun Aesthetic Ghost Clouds Thicker Threads 4.29 Oxide Tones USA 2012
5 Bridges Of Konigsberg Five Colors (Connectedness Locus Remix) The Five Colors (Remixed) 4.55 Endless Fields Studios USA 2012
6 Mean Run From The Rushes Knowing 9.28 Midium Records New Zealand 2012
7 Falcon Arrow Triton Prime Anti-Matter 5.39 Self Released USA 2012
8 Falcon Arrow Tamarian Language Anti-Matter 4.16 Self Released USA 2012

 Record Of The Week 

Falcon Arrow – Anti-Matter

Falcon Arrow’s latest release, Anti-Matter, could very well be their best yet. This Minneapolis duo, Matt Reints (Bass) and David Kemp (Drums), have released 4 albums/EP’s since 2009. You may think that a duo just playing drum and bass, would, well just sound like drum and bass. Due to the clever nature of their play and equipment, it sounds like they are more than 2 people. They claim that it is experimental, instrumental post-rock, and I would totally agree with that summary. They write quirky melodies, just listen to Tamarian Language and for some nice shifts in tempo and textures, listen to Obvious Cipher. This really is an album that never slows down. Track after track, and there are 10 of them, with the album just over 52mins long.  There is something different to hear in each and every track. I cant recommend this album highly enough. These guys deserve more recognition for what they are doing and I also hear that they put on a mean live show.

My recommendation is…..go get it!

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