Sixtyeighth Show Playlist – 7th August 2012 –

1 Rachel’s Water From The Same Source Systems/Layers 6.18 Quarterstick Records USA 2003
2 Koi Pinwheel Maelstrom 3.27 Self Released USA 2012
3 Christ Ganky Blue Shift Emissions 3.35 Benbecula Records Scotland 2007
4 Strage May The Bridges You Burn Light The Way The Fire In Hell 4.41 Self Released South Africa 2012
5 MinionTV The Last Projectionist The Last Projectionist 5.54 Self Released England 2012
6 Orbit Over Luna Eyes Open, Embracing The World The Wind Alive Like A Heart Beating 3.50 Self Released Canada 2012
7 Roan Goose Tree: Leather & Tread The Avenue 4.31 Self Released USA 2012
8 Evolv + Tom Adams But The Mountains I Raise Indelible Niche Collective 6.01 Self Released USA 2012
9 On Your Horizon In, Empty In, Empty 5.23 Self Released Turkey 2012
10 On Your Horizon S.T.M.F. In, Empty 4.09 Self Released Turkey 2012

Record Of The Week

On Your Horizon – In, Empty

Turkish based band On Your Horizon have just released their 2nd EP and third release in total. They started off as just one person, Rammy Roo, but soon progressed to a full size band. The two releases previous to this were all Rammy’s own work. But this latest release has 4 members and for this release there is a marked difference in the music. I guess with an increase in band members comes an increase in musical ideas. So the name of the album is ‘In, Empty’ and was conceived, written and recorded in Turkey. There is just over 23 minutes of music across 5 tracks. All the tracks have a nice sound to them, from the 1.27min ‘Bir Ruya’  to the near 7min ‘Untitled #1’. This is post-rock, electronic and ambient all rolled into one and done with great creativity. The first track S.T.M.F is post rock with electronic beats and glitches in the background and is a great opening track, I played this track along with the the title track. The title track starts off with a rendition of an old song called ‘That Old Black Magic’ which fades away and the band pick up the tempo, with real nice melodies, guitar and cello both being to the fore. I particularly like the shortest track on the album, for no reason other than its a high pitched noise, with some scratchy sounds in the background,  and this shows that this band also have an edgy experimental side to them, also check out the track …’Thee In The Deluge Of Noah’ .Maybe that experimental side will be be featured more in their next release, of which I have been told will be a full length release in late 2012 early 2013.

So On Your Horizon are surely a band to be watching out for, and this latest release ensures that I will be eager to hear what they offer up next. Hurry up 2013……


Ender Akgün
Tuğrul Gültepe
Rammy Roo
Gülşah Erol


Bright guitars, magical timbre of cello and plenty of nostalgia…On Your Horizon is an astral projection band!
Having its roots in Eskişehir in 2009 as a one-man-project and reaching its final band form in March of 2010, the living space of OYH is the stages, directly. The music of the band offers a different approach covered with experimental elements on post-rock axis.
On Your Horizon, with its “Home” titled DIY album released in February of 2010, having reached to many listeners in and out of the borders free of charge, has recently entitled to 3rd rank award in 15th Roxy Music Days (Roxy Müzik Günleri).

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