Sixtyseventh Show Playlist – 31st July 2012 –

1 Balmorhea Settler All Is Wild All Is Silent 6.39 Western Vinyl USA 2009
2 Martin Lukanov And Mytrip Between Between 5.43 Self Released Bulgaria 2012
3 tide/edit Status A Work In Progress 2.22 LIFE2short Productions Phillipines 2012
4 Ghosting Season Follow Your Eyes The Very Last Of The Saints 4.52 Self Released England 2012
5 G H O S T S P.L.A.N.E.T.S. G H O S T S 1 2.47 Self Released England 2012
6 Sansyou Black Nerve Administrator When We Become Ghosts 3.57 Self Released USA 2011
7 Yellow6 and Caught In The Wake Forever Part Two The Slow Manipulation Of Dying Light 9.16 Hibernate Records England/Scotland 2012
8 Jordan Miller Nebulous Zoetrope 4.17 Self Released USA 2012
9 Zvoov How Dare You How Dare Me Planned Obsolescence 5.58 Self Released USA 2012
10 Zvoov Poverty Of Stimulus Planned Obsolescence 7.25 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Zvoov – Planned Obsolescence

Brooklyn NY based Zvoov have just release Planned Obsolescence, which is their first full length release. They have included three songs from their 2011 EP Everbrown on this release, but they have been reworked and sound much more polished than what was on the EP. So with 7 tracks in total on the full length that makes 4 brand new tracks. The album comes in at just over 50minutes in length. I think this band are learning as they go along, and it shows with this release. They have a math rock sound, but not totally restricted to that genre. They write great music, full of nice melodies and the music is full of twists and turns. The opener Poverty Of Stimulus sets the tone for this release, its interesting from the very first bar of music and this continues through song by song. I played both How Dare You Dare Me and Poverty Of Stimulus on the show, but I would have happily played any of the tracks.

So Zvoov have this weeks distinction of being the Fade To Yellow record of the week and it is well deserved with this release. Go check it out for yourself and support the great music from this band.


Zvoov is a three-piece instrumental rock band from Brooklyn, New York with:

  • Eric Hielscher on guitar
  • Arthur Meacham on bass
  • John Swank on drums

You could call Zvoov math rock, but that would be missing the point. Yes, the instrumental power trio rocks angular riffs and impossible rhythms, but this is not some dispassionate exercise in odd-meter wankery. This is music with feeling, owing as much to Radiohead and Om as to Hella and Don Caballero. Zvoov’s sound veers effortlessly from glimmering, off-kilter melodicism to full-blown sludgy mayhem. The weird time signatures are certainly there, but often woven slyly into a song to create a sense of unease and disquiet within an otherwise accessible piece. Their debut Everbrown EP was self-released in February 2011.

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