Sixtyninth Show Playlist – 14th August 2012 –

1 Tristeza Raise Your Gaze Paisajes 4.33 Sanity Muffin USA 2010
2 Slow Dancing Society Bones & Ice (Summer Trees Turn) Laterna Magica 5.29 Hidden Shoal Records USA 2012
3 Damn Robot! A Drop In The Ocean Jasurp 4.26 Hawk Moon Records England 2012
4 Cinema Noir Alice Children Kill Ants 6.02 Nostress Netlabel Italy 2012
5 Hiva Oa Seadog The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss 3.33 Mini50 Records Scotland 2012
6 The Pirate Ship Quintet Horse Manifesto Rope For No-Hopers 7.26 Self Released England 2012
7 The Sound Of Rescue Warren Road The Sound Of Rescue 4.28 Self Released USA 2012
8 The Sound Of Rescue Forward The Sound Of Rescue 4.06 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

The Sound Of Rescue – The Sound Of Rescue















The Sound Of Rescue from Maryland USA have just self released their latest self titled album. The album is just over 1 hour long with the time distributed across 13 tracks. This trio of brothers have released a more post rock sounding album for this release, it definitely has a slightly different sound to the previous more ambient sounding releases. I think this is all part of the band mixing it up a bit. They do a really fine job on this release, which they wrote, performed and mixed themselves. This album doesn’t really lose any of the ambient sounds, they have kept those sounds in to a degree but they have built on that sound with a nod to post rock. I think the sound will develop even more on the next release. It would seem that these guys are learning as they go along, and if they are making any mistakes then it doesn’t show in the music. I played the tracks ‘Warren Road’ and also ‘Forward’ on the show and these are really nice tracks, and really represent The Sound Of Rescue sound on this album.

My recommendation is to go get a hold of this album, you will not be disappointed.

From the band

Each song on The Sound Of Rescue was written with the idea of “duality” in mind. We love the fact that there are often two sides to every story, and that beauty and ugliness can often coexist without us ever recognizing it. In fact, sometimes the lines become so blurred that it’s hard to really describe anything as one or the other – in the words of John Cage, there’s often “no reason” to assume that anything on this Earth isn’t beautiful in its own way, even if we initially perceive it as something ugly. This path of thinking leads to a blissful state of tolerance and patience for things we may not find attractive at first glance (or listen).

Here is a link to the information on each track by the band Track By Track


Michael Tasselmyer – Guitar
Andrew Tasselmyer – Bass, Guitar, Synths, Drums
Stephen Tasselmyer – Drums

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