Fiftyseventh Show Playlist – 22nd May 2012 –

1 This Will Destroy You  Quiet Young Mountain 4.53 Magic Bullet Records USA 2006
2 Stratosphere Behind The Years Of The Past Dreamscape 5.58 Basses Frequences Belgium 2012
3 Elisa Luu Se Fosse Per Me Se Fosse Per Me (Single) 6.00 Hidden Shoal Italy 2012
4 Marigolds Flora/Fauna Landscapes 3.58 Self Released USA 2012
5 The Eternal Twilight This Landscape Is Not The Same Without You This Landscape Is Not The Same Without You 3.04 Self Released India 2012
6 Zvuku Lastone Other Room Listening 5.14 Future Sequence Ireland 2012
7 Yellow Line Music Spooky Action At A Distance LFA 4.06 Self Released USA 2012
8 Parallel Lines 4 Infinity 5.28 Oxide Tones Canada 2012
9 Silian Rail Young Moon Each/Other 4.34 Side With Us Records USA 2012
10 Silian Rail The Beast Each/Other 5.42 Side With Us Records USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Silian Rail – Each/Other

This release from Silian Rail is some of the best music that I have heard for a long time. The two members of this band, Robin and Eric really know how to craft songs. It is post/math/experimental-rock, but overall it is just incredibly put together. This is their third and possibly best release to date. I played the opening two songs on my show, Young Mood then The Beast. I had a hard time picking what songs to play, such is the quality of the music. 8 songs just coming in at over 40mins. Contrast the complexity of the track Glass House to the intricate sound of A Nothing Summer and you appreciate how good the musicianship is and the versatility of these guys. it would be easy to keep it all uptempo but they also like the slower end of the spectrum. There is also viola, played by Dina Maccabee on a few of the tracks which just add to the sound.

All in all it is a great release and will definitely be in my top 10 releases list of 2012.

Members :

Robin Landy– guitar

Eric Kuhn– drums, guitar, synth, piano

Dina Maccabee– viola

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