Fiftysixth Show Playlist – 15th May 2012 –

1 Mogwai Kappa Come On Die Young 4.53 Rock Action Records Scotland 1999
2 My Cats A Stargazer Night Kites Elements 1 4.47 Future Elements USA 2012
3 Digital Antique 5 Marines II 4.16 Self Released USA 2012
4 Latitudes Metabolic Pathways Individuation 5.53 Shels England 2012
5 Nino Martino Mirrors Colonne Sonore Per Gli Specchi 5.39 Self Released Italy 2012
6 Orbit Over Luna Lost In The Midst Of All This Beauty Kyoto/Nara 5.27 Self Released Canada 2012
7 Fossil Esmeralda Mocumentario 6.40 Sinewave Netlabel Mexico 2012
8 Ghosts Wear Clothes L’insurrection Qui Vient Threads 7.45 Self Released England 2012
9 Ghosts Wear Clothes Stay Indoors And Watch The Buildings Burn Threads 4.52 Self Released England 2012

Record Of The Week

Ghosts Wear Clothes – Threads

Ghosts Wear Clothes are a post-rock band from Nottingham, thats how they describe themselves on their Bandcamp site and on their Facebook page they describe the sound as post-electronica weirdness. Both these descriptions are not far away from the truth. This debut album was two years in the making, it has a nice sound to it, you can tell they took a lot of time over the sound and what they wanted it to sound like.

There are seven tracks on the album running at 53 minutes in total with track ranging from just under 3 minute tracks to just over 13 minute long. The sound is cinematic and very haunting at times,  beautiful melodies accompanied with soundscapes in the background, there are lots of layers to the music and they build on top of one another. The musicianship is first class, keys, guitars, drums and whatever else these guys play on the record. This is first class post-rock/electronica/ambient, the music does open out occasionally and explodes with great effect then they bring it back down to a more gentler sound.

In summary it is an excellent debut record from this trio and this is an album that should be in your record collection.

Two years is a long time to make a record, heres hoping their next release won’t take that long.

Members :

Iain Anderson: Guitars, Bass, Video Editing

Wain Evans: Bass, Guitars, Synths

James Neep: Keys, Bass, Guitars, Samples

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