Fiftyeighth Show Playlist – 29th May 2012 –

1 Do Make Say Think The Universe! You, You’re A History In Rust 5.03 Constellation Records Canada 2007
2 Dreissk + Anklebiter Through Over.Under.Through 7.45 N5MD USA 2012
3 Temples VII I-VII 4.49 Ecstasy Records USA 2012
4 I’ve Lost The Send From These Hands 5.57 Heart And Soul Records USA 2012
5 Drops You Have My Word Believe You Me 3.34 Self Released England 2012
6 Marielle V Jakobsons Shale Hollows Glass Canyon 5.03 Students Of Decay USA 2012
7 Good Weather For An Airstrike Blurred Lights This Is As Good A Place As Any 1.16 Audio Gourmet Net Label England 2012
8 Rhone Death Of A Curse Inter Sidera EP 7.00 Self Released USA 2012
9 L.T.D.M.S. Dix (<Inserer titre>) 8.48 Oxide Tones Belgium 2012

Record Of The Week

L.T.D.M.S.- (<Inserer Titre>)

L.T.D.M.S are a post-rock band from Belgium, in fact they are from Brussels and a smaller town called Ciney.

They have just released this four track album on the German based Oxide Tones record label. Oxide Tones seem to have a knack of releasing albums by bands who are not particularly big in the genre. But they choose real good bands who deserve to be better known in their given genre. This release is no different.

The title of this album is (<inserer titre>) which in English translates to Insert Title. A clever album title I think. There are 4 tracks on the album clocking in just under 50 minutes and they used 4 different engineers on the album, one for each track. A very novel and interesting idea and I think it works rather well. There is a vast array of instruments with horns, flutes, strings, keys, guitars, bass, drums. The tracks are very individual and are full of twist and turns and it can be intense and dramatic at times but it is also very enjoyable. I guess there are elements of progressive rock in there but with real post-rock overtones. This to me is a really good release, they really have captured what this genre is all about. Its full of interesting melodies that change in a heartbeat into another movement in the same song.

This is an album that deserves to be in any record collection and the more you hear this album then the more you will appreciate its beauty.

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