Sixth Show Playlist – 31st May 2011 –

1 Double Handsome Dragons Made By Devils Double Handsome Dragons 6.17 Fluttery Records ENGLAND 2010
2 El Ten Eleven I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool These Promises Are Being Videotaped 3.55 Fake Record Label USA 2010
3 Cicada The Stray Cat In Zhuwei Over The Sea Under The Water 5.32 White Wabbit Records TAIWAN 2010
4 Granted Earth Historian Thermal Tide 6.09 Self Released USA 2011
5 Wires Under Tension Wood, Metal, Bone Light Science 2.31 Western Vinyl USA 2011
6 Zero Bedroom Apartment Blurry Morning Dance Filmmuzik 1 2.33 Self Released USA 2010
7 The AmericanDollar Bump A Memory Stream 3.17 Self Released USA 2011
8 Glass Gifts Spiders Native Language 3.17 Self Released USA 2011
9 The Sleep Design The Sound Of War All That Is Not Music Is Silence 6.35 Self Released USA 2011
10 Noveller
Waxwing Glacial Glow 4.16 Saffron Records USA 2011


Sarah Lipstate is Noveller and Glacial Glow is her most assured, accomplished statement to date. Lipstate largely sheds the distortion and feedback present in much of her earlier work. Instead, she relies on instantly memorable melodies, a wider sonic palette, and excellent pacing to deliver arguably her best album.

Noveller announces her intentions from the opening track, appropriately titled “Entering”, as the syncopated rhythm of the melody represents a new twist from her previous guitar work. This is only the hors d’oeuvre for the stunning “Glacial Wave”, which drifts along serenely until Lipstate rains down gorgeous arpeggios like icy shards from the heavens. Other pieces feature sparse arrangements anchored by pulsing throbs which evoke a subtle, creeping anxiety more menacing than the feel-good retro-horror soundtracks making the rounds these days.

Throughout Glacial Glow, Lipstate exercises restraint and a fleeting melancholy feeling pervades the album. It says something about an album’s quality when the closing track, “Ends”, is chosen as the lead-off video. Ocean sounds combine with the lovely chord progression and guitar lines to create an uplifting, yet slightly wistful feeling and a perfect bookend to the record.

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