One Hundred and Second Show Playlist – 22nd January 2013 –


1 Vasa Cynthia Never Have Dreams 5.09 Overlook Records Scotland 2012
2 Robert Scott Thompson Far Side Of The Sky Upon The Edge Of Night 6.52 Aucourant Records USA 2012
3 Northern Epistle Drumlin Revisited EP002 5.53 Self Released Canada 2012
4 An Moku Kodarma Mononocle 4.41 Eta Label Poland 2013
5 Princess Tungsten Light Cohesion 6.48 Self Released England 2012
6 Solterra Fear & Loathing Umbra 5.57 Self Released USA 2012
7 Gimu Oh Jack, They Must Suffer And Cry Before They Get It Right Opaque Black 4.29 Self Released Brazil 2013
8 Tactics Hardcastle //////////// 6.35 Self Released USA 2012
9 Tactics Titan //////////// 5.29 Self Released USA 2012



Tactics – ////////////



Tactics debut release has been a long time coming, well at least for me. I think I heard a few tracks from this release about 6 months ago or more. I was impressed then and I am still impressed now. There is a rich pedigree of Austin area instrumental bands who are producing great post-rock. This album titled ////////////, or LP1 as Tactics guitarist, Brett Thorne , calls it was released at the end of 2012. 5 songs in total over 30 minutes in length. Two of the tracks, ‘Carved Thrones’ and ‘Identical Movements’ were recorded by Alex Bhore (This Will Destroy You) in his studio. Those are the first two tracks of the album. ‘Carved Thrones’ is a great opener and sets the tone for the rest of the tracks. What I like most about the music is the way that they mix the quiet/loud musical passages, along with really nice time signature changes. I guess all the ingredients are there for post-rock, but they kind of mix the ingredients in a way that it is cohesive and interesting. The track ‘Titan’, which is the albums closer is very low key and very acoustic, it is beautifully executed.

So in summary, this release is well worth the wait and I quote from Brett ‘I am  really excited to be able to focus 100 percent of my attention on Tactics and hopefully try to get at least a 2 or 3 song EP out sometime in 2013. We’re also hopefully going to be getting some shows together here in the very near future’

Band members are:

Ross Bennett – guitar
Daniel Vega – drums
Glynn Jordan – bass
Logan Wexler – keys
Brett Thorne – guitar


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