One Hundred and First Show Playlist – 15th January 2013 –

1 Seven Nine And Tens Constants And Axioms Single 5.48 Nefarious Industries Canada 2013
2 Cousin Silas Growing Unease …ending the year on a high 2012 6.20 We Are All Ghosts England 2012
3 Apricot Rail Basket Press Single 5.09 Hidden Shoal Australia 2013
4 Gurdonark Memory …ending the year on a high 2012 4.07 We Are All Ghosts USA 2012
5 Liam Barker Simple Times For The Sleepless 4.24 Morning Call Records England 2013
6 Apta The Light Single 4.56 Self Released England 2013
7 Co-Pilot Breathe Together The Course Of Empire 6.12 Self Released USA 2010
8 Danny Clay Winter Veil I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger 4.13 Self Released USA 2010
9 Sunlight Ascending The Dhanbad Rails Leaving My Waiting Room 7.53 Self Released USA 2012
10 Sunlight Ascending Vladdie Leaving My Waiting Room 3.57 Self Released USA 2012


Sunlight Ascending – Leaving My Waiting Room 

sunlight ascending

Clawson, Michigan based band, Sunlight Ascending, release their 4th album in as many years and it is called Leaving My Waiting Room. The album hit right at the end of 2012 and probably missed a lot of ‘best of’ lists, and while I am not a big list person I am sure this album would have featured on a few peoples top 10’s. This is a top class album, kicking off with the intro track ‘Reductio Ad Absurdum’ a short piece prior to hitting it up with ‘The Dhanbad Rails’ and they hit it up big on this track, great drum intro to this track leading into bass then guitar riffs, nice melody throughout with subtle shifts in tempo which occur frequently. We then move on to Vladdie which has a more acoustic feel to it, an altogether more quiet track all round. Track 4, “Gleaming Apollo’ has a more experimental feel about it, no real melody to speak off, I think it is processed guitar sounds with a great beat in the background. Its a very dark track, and the music is not in the forefront, it is as if it has been supressed somehow, a really nice sound though. So there is a wide variation of sounds just within these opening 4 tracks, and there are still another 8 to go. My favourite track has to be ‘They’re Lonlier On The Outside’, and that is immediately followed by a signature track called ‘Kalkaska’ which has the Sunlight Ascending sound all over it.

So a really strong release for the end of 2012 and is Fade To Yellow 2nd album of the week in 2013. Go check it out, its a beauty.

Sunlight Ascending is:

James Schultz – Guitar
Jeremy Schultz – Drums
Andrew Mcilwain – Guitar
Sean Reed – Guitar
Nick Urbanik – Bass

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