Seventyfifth Show Playlist – 25th September 2012 –

1 Gifts From Enola Weightless Thought From Fathoms 5.42 Mylene Sheath USA 2009
2 Loscil Hastings Sunrise Sketches From New Brighton 6.51 Kranky Records Canada 2012
3 The American Dollar Faces In The Haze (Ambient) Ambient Three 4.44 Self Released USA 2012
4 Eversham Immortal Lies In Mortal Bodies Eversham 5.02 Self Released Australia 2012
5 EUS Postperdida Los Otros 4.27 Self Released Costa Rica 2012
6 Anklebiter Illegal In February Raintree 4.37 Tympanik Records USA 2012
7 Matthew Collings & Dag Rosenqvist Wonderland Part One Wonderland 2.33 Hibernate Recordings Scotland/Sweden 2012
8 La Gran Perdida de Energia Balsa La Gran Perdida de Energia 3.56 Fluttery Records Argentina 2012
9 La Gran Perdida de Energia De Los Que Viven Bajo el Agua La Gran Perdida de Energia 6.09 Fluttery Records Argentina 2012


La Gran Perdida de Energia – La Gran Perdida de Energia


Argentinian instrumental post-rock band, La Gran Perdida de Energia have just released their debut s/t album on Fluttery Records. You know, Fluttery seem to have a knack of releasing great albums. This album is no exception, I instantly liked this album because it wasn’t straightforward and melodic like a lot of post-rock albums are. There is a touch of psychedelia/prog throughout the album, the opening track ‘El Mes Del Viento’ is testament to that and sets the tone for the rest of the album. ‘Balsa’ starts melodic then has a lull in the middle of the song, its a cleverly crafted song and is a real stand out track for me. But I would have to say that I found this album a breath of fresh air and a really interesting listen. There are a lot of  musical passages that have intricacies in sound that are missing on so many albums in this genre. These guys seem to have captured the spirit of post-rock with this release. It is good to know that this genre is alive and well in Beunos Aires.

Go check it out, your ears will love it.


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