Seventyfourth Show Playlist – 18th September 2012 –

1 Caspian Further Up You Are The Conductor 4.27 Mylene Sheath Records USA 2010
2 Wil Bolton Ulica Grodzka Amber Studies 5.08 Rural Colours England 2012
3 The Calm Blue Sea Mary Ann Nichols Arrivals & Departures 6.16 Modern Outsider USA 2012
4 Wolf Maps Landforms Landforms 3.57 Future Sequence England 2012
5 Arms Of Tripoli Cliff Dwellings All The Fallen Embers 4.41 Neuform Records USA 2012
6 Gilded Cluttered Room Terrane 4.37 Hidden Shoal Records Australia 2012
7 Oathless Summer Haze EP 4.57 Self Released England 2012
8 Slow Dancing Society I’ll See You In Time Laterna Magica 5.25 Hidden Shoal Records USA 2012
9 Slow Dancing Society Pieces Of Your Presence Laterna Magica 2.46 Hidden Shoal Records USA 2012


Slow Dancing Society – Laterna Magica

Slow Dancing Society has just released Laterna Magica, the fifth Slow Dancing Society album released on, Australian based,  Hidden Shoal records. This is ambient music of the very highest quality, and demonstrates all that is good with the genre and in particular how SDS creates the stunning soundscapes, and intricate melodies that go to make an ambient album interesting and endearing. I have been a fan of SDS for a few years now and this album just cements that support for him. 10 tracks are spread over 50minutes. I played the single off this album, ‘I’ll leave A Light On’, on my show the week it dropped into my email. That track has a beautiful sombre piano intro, then a more lively guitar with amazing soundscapes in the background. This album is not single soundscape music with a slight change in the ambience, oh no, this has all ranges of sounds and textures. It has quiet tranquil moments and also louder moments. I particularly like the electronic sounds that are created and this with the piano, guitar are all woven into the tracks. The treated sound of the piano is particularly pleasing to me on a few of the tracks.

Slow Dancing Society writes and performs great albums and I didn’t expect it to be any different with this release. And you know, it wasn’t. This is another to notch release from SDS and Hidden Shoal.

Biography (from Hidden Shoal website)

Slow Dancing Society is Washington based musician/producer and nostalgist extraordinaire, Drew Sullivan. If ever there was an artist who truly expressed themselves in a way that defies everything music and art expects, and at times demands, then Slow Dancing Society would be that artist. With influences ranging from classic artists such as Brian Eno, Def Leppard, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Eddie Money, Pink Floyd, Prince, Spandeau Ballet and U2 to contemporary artists like Manual, Charles Webster, Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós, Hammock, Red House Painters and My Morning Jacket, one might begin to understand what they are in for when they hear something coming from Slow Dancing Society.

At times there is a pure abandonment of structure, continuity, consistancy and most importantly, hipness. If one were to compare the music of Slow Dancing Society to anything, it would be our memories and our past. Which is probably why one will experience such a sense of nostalgia and an overall coloring of sentimental values when they listen to the music. One cannot refute the notions that life is abstract, doesn’t always make sense, isn’t always beautiful (though at times the contrary) and never what it seems. So why then does the music have to be?

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