Sixtythird Show Playlist – 3rd July 2012 –

1 The Album Leaf Blank Pages A Chorus Of Storytellers 4.29 Sub Pop records USA 2010
2 Bai Tian White Night Chop Vol 5 4.52 ETA Records China 2012
3 Leech Edgewise Ecstasy Records Compilation 5.01 Ecstasy Records USA 2012
4 Orbit Over Luna 10000 Torii Gates Kyoto/Nara 2.41 Self Released Canada 2012
5 Wolf Maps Arc Sequence4 3.42 Future Sequence USA 2012
6 Wil Bolton Umbra Sequence4 5.05 Future Sequence England 2012
7 Cicada Floating Over The Street Let’s Go 5.05 White Wabbit Records Taiwan 2012
8 Fossil Desperto Insonia 6.41 Self Released Brazil 2008
9 Drops Autumn Walks Believe You Me 3.58 Heat Death Records England 2012
10 Drops Star Map Believe You Me 3.09 Heat Death Records England 2012
11 Drops You Have My Word (Message To Bears Remix) Believe You Me 3.31 Heat Death Records England 2012

Record Of The Week

Drops – Believe You Me

I first heard a Drops track, in fact it was You Have My Word, round about the middle of May. It was a chance post by Alex Steward (Umber) on Facebook about Drops that led me to listen to that track. That first song had me hooked, it was hard not to smile listening to this music. Anyway that was in May, this is now July and Drops aka Liam Hennessy, has released his EP titled ‘Believe You Me’ on the awesome Heat Death Records label.

This EP has 6 tracks. Well that is 4 main tracks and two remix’s of tracks. It clocks in at just over 20 minutes and what a fine 20 minutes it is too. The track ‘You Have My Word’ is obviously included and this has acoustic guitar, handclaps, bass guitar, soundscapes, vocalizations, field recordings, bells and it is all structured so beautifully and it is bright and has plenty of amazing melodies. As I said this is the track that introduced me to Drops and what an introduction. But what about the other three tracks, ‘Star Map’ starts off very dramatically and slowly then picks up, and again its all in an acoustic vein with flowing melody and soundscapes in the background. ‘Autumn Walks’ is a track that Liam tells in audio story form of his time walking around the Sheffield countryside in Autumn 2011. He even recorded the sound of rain against the trees outside his bedroom window to set the scene for this track and give the listener a feeling of actually being there with him on those walks. The last main track ‘Return Stones Into Sea’ follows a similar pattern to the preceding three tracks but with a twist, there are more vocals in this track and more quirky melodies and beats to keep you captivated. Then the the repetitive vocals ‘Return Stones Into Sea’ kicks in with great effect before the track ends all too soon. The last two tracks are remixes of two of the main tracks. And the remixers, Message To Bears and Clem Leek have done fabulous jobs on the tracks, You Have My Word and Autumn Walks.

There are no downsides on this release, well maybe one… is all too brief. With that said it would appear that Liam is moving to London sometime soon and he has intimated that he is going to record an EP there, and it will be different to this release due to the influences of the city. I for one would like the next release to be longer, but I have the feeling I may have to get the smile surgically removed from my face if that is the case.

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