Fortyninth Show Playlist – 27th March 2012 –

1 Cosmonauts Day Cave Of Trees Paths Of The Restless 7.10 Destroy The Humanity Studios Russia 2011
2 Mirroring Drowning The Call Foreign Body 6.54 Kranky Records USA 2012
3 Subnaught Orogeny Sequence3 3.55 Future Sequence USA 2012
4 Widesky The Curve That Warms Within That Aura 3.39 Future Sequence USA 2012
5 The Oo-ray Areore Sequence3 3.55 Future Sequence USA 2012
6 Dumbsaint Cinematic Something That You Feel Will Find It’s Own form 7.39 Birds Robe Records Australia 2012
7 Valerian Swing It Shines A Sailor Lost Around The Earth 7.10 Magic Bullet Records Italy 2011
8 The American Dollar As We Float Awake In The City 4.03 Self Released USA 2012
9 The American Dollar Urbana Awake In The City 2.38 Self Released USA 2012
10 The American Dollar Faces In The Haze Awake In The City 4.27 Self Released USA 2012

Record Of The Week

The American Dollar – Awake In The City

Review to follow

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