Fortyseventh Show Playlist – 13th March 2012 –

1 Elohymn Strong Zombie Hearing Songs Through Music 5.47 Self Released UK 2012
2 The Dwindlers Pickering’s Hyla Allegories 5.58 Heart And Soul Records USA 2012
3 sleepmakeswaves In Limbs And Joints …And So We Destroyed Everything 4.31 Birds Robe Australia 2011
4 Labirinto Silencio Postumo Etereo 3.22 Self Released Brazil 2010
5 El Ten Eleven Jumping Frenmchmen Of Maine These Promises Are Being Videotaped 5.11 Self Released USA 2008
6 Mental Architects Ash On Your Tongue Patience, Communication, Understanding 6.05 Self Released Bulgaria 2011
7 Bryter Layter Understanding Interdependance Two Lenses 4.10 Experimedia/Students Of Decay USA 2012
8 Umber Week 32 Weekly Track Release 2.33 Self Released England 2012
9 Time Columns Lights At Rendlesham Mana 11.12 Oxide Tones USA 2012
10 Time Columns Salvo Mana 7.34 Oxide Tones USA 2012

Record Of The Week

Time Columns – Mana

Time Columns consists of two members. They are from Baltimore. They make amazing sounding music.

Mana is such an incredible album, 7 tracks just over 48minutes in length. The music is described as progressive post-rock and I think that pretty much sums up their sound. There are lots of musical style and tempo changes within the music that it is hard to get bored listening to this album. There is always something going on to keep you interested, they are not afraid to experiment with the sound and I think that is what sets them apart from a lot of bands in this genre…….hmmm this genre, there are not a lot of bands in this particular genre that they seemed to have created. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, twice in fact, and they were just incredible. Their live set up is as complex as their sound.

Go check out this great album and be very glad that there are bands around like this that make such amazing music as Time Columns do.

Members :

Jordan Miller – Drums, loops, keys

Kenny Eaton – Guitar, loops, keys



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