Eleventh Show Playlist – 5th July 2011 – www.koop.org

1 I Hear Sirens Drowning City Skyline Beyond The Sea, Beneath The Sky 4.11 Self Released USA 2009
2 Emphemetry Five Fields A Lullaby Hum For Tired Streets 2.07 Self Released England 2011
3 Pleq Sound Of Rebirth Sound Of Rebirth 4.32 Impulsive Art Poland 2010
4 Mooncake Zaris Zaris/Cast The Route 5.15 Fluttery Records Russia 2011
5 Paint On Silence Rosidae Paint On Silence EP 5.40 Sound In Silence Greece 2010
6 Rachel Grimes Every Morning Book Of Leaves 2.15 RuminanCe Canada 2009
7 Darren Harper & Gimu I’ve Let You Forget Again Field And Fern:Mountain And Sea 4.56 Rural Colours USA/Brazil 2011
8 Zero Bedroom Apartment Chillin Film Muzik 2 0.05 Self Released USA 2011
9 Meniscus 130 War Of Currents 6.38 Self Released Australia 2011
10 Good Weather For An Airstrike Solid Surroundings Feel Empty A Summer 3.31 Sonic Reverie England 2011
11 Good Weather For An Airstrike 27610 A Summer 3.28 Sonic Reverie England 2011
12 Good Weather For An Airstrike Clouds Forming In The Layby A Summer 2.03 Sonic Reverie England 2011



The debut full length album by Good Weather For An Airstrike is here, following a handful of well received EPs over the last few years Tom Honey has expanded his sound to create something more substantial and arguably more bold than his previous outings. Going against the grain of ambient and drone conventions, GWFAA’s album compresses soundscapes into smaller time frames, speeding up the slow moving fluctuations into stirring ever evolving movements which aren’t frustratingly slow. The record swings with ease from louder more abrasive drone associated with artists like Tim Hecker to far more delicate kaleidoscopic swells akin to Stars of the Lid whilst always maintaining a character entirely of its own.


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